grain super link semi trailers

grain super link semi trailers
Product Name : grain super link semi trailers
Overall dimension : 12500mm X 2500mm X1550mm
Loading capacity : 60 ton
axle : 3 axles
Suspension : Heavy duty mechanical spring suspsension
Tire : 16 units


                                     800mm 60t dry van trailer with drop sides for Grain transportation

                                    Tri-axle side wall flatbed semi trailers

                                           70 tonnes 4 axles fence cargo semi trailers

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TITAN 3 axle 60t grain super link semi trailers

TITAN produce Grain Superlink Trailer, to deliver the large mount of grain, like barley, corn, beans etc. Grain flatbed trailer with side panels from China. We produce Grain Superlink Trailer for wheat transport and the side wall can be opened from upsides and also transport the barley, grain, maize corn, beans etc. Also we design the small grain doors inside the side panels, easy to unload the grain there. Our Grain side wall cargo trailer adopt WABCO brakes, JOST landing leg, and FUWA axles 

TITAN grain trailer side wall Flatbed Trailers are ideal for anyone who wanting to transport the large amounts of grain. Also we can design the cargo trailer with side panels as the interlined type trailers. TITAN drop side tri axle trailer produce high quality drop sides cargo flatbed semi-trailer. The side walls can be disassembled, easy to deal with. And also we adopt the high tensile steel for the main frame of the grain transport trailers, with high payload capacity

  • Structure: Steel box body with unloading doors on the both side panels

  • Floor: 3mm steel checkered plate

  • Axles: FUWA 14 tons capacity, 3 units

  • Brakes: WABCO ABS brake system

  • Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical leaf spring suspension and optional Air bag or bogie suspension 

  • Tires and Rims: Double Tire, 12R22.5, 12units

  • King Pin: 2” or 3.5”


BrandTITAN Grain Superlink Trailer
Overall dimension12500-1500mm×2500mm×1550(mm)
Side Panel1.2m-2.0m
Axle2/3 axles, 13 tons
Suspension Heavy duty mechanical suspension
Tire8/12 units
Landing gearJOST
Brake systemWABCO
King pin


Electical system24V, LED lights


grain trailer

                                                           3axles 60 ton Grain transport trailers  

grain trailer

                                                         3axles 60 ton Grain transport trailers      

4axles fence trailer (1).jpg                 

                                                            4 axle fence bulk cargo semi trailer                         

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