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80-100 ton Lowbed Trailer

TITAN 4 Axle 80T Low Bed Trailer has 4 axles. Mainly transport heavy cargo. Its loading capacity is 80 ton. According to your requirement, TITAN can customize it for you.
TITAN 2 line 4 axle low loader trailer can transport huge cargo and avoid damage to the cargo. Low loader trailer transport is designed to solve the overload problem of large tonnage.
TITAN 6 Axle Trailer Low Bed mainly for medium and long-distance freight transportation. Used TITAN's 13-ton axle with 16-ton brake pads. Low deck trailers are commonly used to transport heavy vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, and other heavy-duty cargo.
TITAN 650mm Super Low Lowbed has a lower loading platform. It's main cargo platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation. Has a large carrying capacity when transporting extra high.
The Stepped Trailer has all the same versatility as a flatbed trailer, but has a lowered deck to accommodate for a taller cargo height. 
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