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Semi tipper trailers for sale - Tipper Semi trailer safety tips

TITAN Semi Tipper Trailers | 2021-01-21

In the case of such widespread use of vehicles, although semi tipper trailers owners are very careful when driving, traffic accidents still occur from time to time. In traffic accidents, Semi tipper trailers are the most frightening thing. Semi tipper trailers for sale have large loading capacity, difficult braking, and large blind spots. The losses caused by accidents are unimaginable. However, as long as the safety performance of the Tipper Semi trailer is in place, safety is still very guaranteed.

Semi tipper trailers for sale Semi tipper trailers for sale 

Semi tipper trailers for sale are designed to economically and specifically transport abrasive materials such as aggregates, asphalt and sand among other materials of this nature. Here are important facts to consider:

Our semi tipper trailers are the type of trailers you would want for your job because they are made of a rounded steel body making them strong for rugged use.

The Semi tipper trailers for sale bodies are optimized for high loading volumes that range between 24 -56m3. More than that, the body is designed to tackle different challenges as would be needed on a daily basis.

The bottom floor that comes with the semi tipper trailers for sale provides a low center of gravity. This is important in providing great stability and safe operations.

Payload capacity. The design of the semi tipper trailers body is done in a way that reduces weight hence increasing the load capacity of your truck.

The body shape of the semi tipper trailers prevents your cargo from keeping to the surface. This enhances safety when loading your cargo.

Semi tipper trailers for sale - Tipper Semi trailer safety tips3 axle tipper trailer for sale in Nigeria

Tipper Semi trailer safety tips:

Tire pressure monitoring configuration

As the only part of the vehicle in contact with the ground, the tire pressure actually affects the safety of the vehicle to a large extent. However, Tipper Semi trailer transportation generally has a long working cycle, and the driver will be tired after working for a long time, so these details are not taken into account. . Changes in the tire pressure of a vehicle will affect the fuel economy and safety of the vehicle. If the tire pressure is not kept within the normal range in time, it may cause an increase in fuel consumption or a tire burst accident.

The driver can grasp the tire pressure of the Tipper Semi trailer at any time so as to adjust it in time, so as to avoid the loss caused by the tire pressure being too high or too low, and driving is safer.

Brake configuration

Tipper Semi trailer has large loading capacity and long braking distances have been criticized, especially after loading cargo, it will be more difficult for vehicles to brake. However, in the current dump trucks, there is no upgrade to the configuration of the vehicle, which makes the safety performance unchanged. Using larger size brake pads 410mm×200mm (normally 400mm×150mm), and equipped with ABS anti-lock brake system, which makes the vehicle's braking distance shorter and more secure.

Semi tipper trailers for sale - Tipper Semi trailer safety tipsDetails of Tipper Semi trailer

Anti-rollover configuration

Tipper Semi trailer rollover is a common traffic accident. Semi tipper trailer body is not easy to control and difficult to turn. Rollover accidents are not rare. Moreover, in rainy or snowy days, driving conditions are complicated and problems are more likely to occur.

Now the front axle and the rear axle of the tipper trailer chassis are equipped with stabilizer bars that can prevent rollover, which greatly improves the safety performance, and there is also a horizontal double hydraulic shock absorber under the cab, which also prevents Roll function.

Semi tipper trailers for sale - Tipper Semi trailer safety tipsDetails of Semi tipper trailers for sale

At present, the parts and components of semi tipper trailers for sale are very important, so you must ask before buying a Semi tipper trailers for sale, not only to meet your own needs, but also to have absolute safety.