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45cbm fly ash bulker trailer
45cbm fly ash bulker trailer 45cbm fly ash bulker trailer 45cbm fly ash bulker trailer

45cbm fly ash bulker trailer

16000 USD

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SKU: 45cbm fly ash bulker trailer
GTIN: 6975766114206
MPN: TITAN9406070
Brand: TITAN

45cbm fly ash bulker trailer bulk fly ash trailer bulk cement trailer


Titan 45cbm fly ash bulker trailer 's body adopts High alloy steel , is a typical high strength wear-resistant steel. this material is a kind of anti - abrasive steel specially used for heavy industry. After grinding treatment, the material surface can reach 500--550 Brinell hardness, and then continue to maintain internal flexibility, minimize surface friction.This material is three times as strong as the others. the trailer adopted this material uses for more than 15 years in general , the service life is two times as length as Q235 steel material 's trailer .


About the discharge speed , We've increased our efficiency by 33% percent through improvement and research and development ,our fly ash cement bulker speed from 1.2 ton /min increase to 1.6 ton /min .it can save time and improve work efficiency for customer .


For the details ,We also think for our customers, our each bulk fly ash trailer equipped with a Water-Drenching Device ,to make it more suitable for African road conditions .


Specification - TITAN cement bulker tank trailer


Brand: TITAN cement bulker tank trailer

Total Volume (m3): 45 cbm

Tanker Body Material: 5mm or 6mm/ high strength wear-resistance steel

Diesel Engine: WEICHAI 4105 Brand

Compressor: BOHAI, FUDA 12m3 or other brands

Manhole Cover: Carbon steel or Aluminum 500mm(Diameter)

Discharging Valve: Diameter is 3 or 4 inch

Main Beams: Welded design, High Strength Steel

Axle: 3 axles, 13 ton

Suspension: Mechanical suspension


Product introduction-- TITAN cement bulker tank trailer








Titan Vehicle has designed and manufactured the highest quality cement bulk trailer,dry powder trailer,silo trailers,pneumatic trailer ,Lime Powder Trailer Tanker,Bulk Fly Ash Trailer,land plaster tank trailer,Aluminum powder tank trailer,flour trailer ect.



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Tyler from Guyana - 2021-09-14T17:09:55+0800
This is the sales with the best attitude I have encountered so far. Of course, when I received this 45cbm fly ash bulker trailer, I was also shocked by its quality and appearance. I was very satisfied with the purchase experience.
Royce - 2021-06-21T17:06:25+0800
Worked fine. Overall the 45cbm fly ash bulker trailer works and is fluent as can be. Just wish the manufacturer would have some how to videos to help me.