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Silo Trailer for Sale
Silo Trailer for Sale

Silo Trailer for Sale

16000 USD

Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.


Silo Trailer V Shape (Type) is used for carrying cement, lime, Powder Calcite, Silica, flour and any other powder materials in bulk, which is mostly preferred all over the World.

SKU: Silo Trailer for Sale
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Brand: TITAN

Silo Trailer for Sale in Sudan Product Description:

Silo trailer is used to transport cement. Those we are producing have load capacities from 20 to 60 m3. The carrier consists of a tank on a semitrailer. Mounted inside the tank are chutes that feed air in to the cement, the chutes consist of the metal troug, a porous partition made of special material, and a metal incline. An air compressor is mounted on the chassis of the trailer usually on the front of the trailer. We use  3 head or 2 Head, powered compressor with pistons and Diesel Deutz motor or Electirical motor Bekomsan brand.

Silo Trailer for Sale in Sudan

Silo Trailer for Sale in Sudan



Tanker body material : 5mm high strength wear-resistance steel

Payload : 50T

Volume : 40-48cbm

Axles:3 axles

Tire:12 units

Diesel Engine : WEICHAI Brand

Compressor : BOHAI

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Langing gear:JOST

Brake system : WABCO


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Silo Trailer for Sale in Sudan

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Juan from Zambia - 2021-09-24T17:09:35+0800
A good silo trailer for sale. I like the silo trailer, I am satisfied. Very good seller.
Tucker - 2021-06-21T11:06:06+0800
I've had mine for about two years, and I like it. It's much better than the silo trailer I used to use. The transporting speed is nice, and tank body is excellent. This I think would be a good investment for someone looking for a bulk cement tanker trailer.