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Clearance Sale Side Lifter $600 Off Free Spare parts

TITAN 40Ft Container Side Loader Spot Promotion

The Side Loader Truck Trailer is in stock at the factory, produced in October 2020, we can repaint the color for you according to your needs. As the end of the year approaches, TITAN will give the lowest discount, and both new and old customers will give 600USD off and Get Free Accessories.

TITAN side lifter are becoming more and more popular. Side lift crane trailers are designed to increase various productivity.

You will be able to reduce transportation costs, increase profits and have a competitive advantage.TITAN Sidelifter Trailer includes 20ft self loader truck, 20ft and 40ft side lift crane. Shipping tonnage is 16tons self unloading container trailer, 21 tons self loading trailer for sale, 25tons self loading container truck, 37 tons self loading container trailer for sale, 40 tons container trailer with crane, 45 tons side loader for sale for your choice.

Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale

Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale



Max.lifting capacity: 37-ton side loader trailer
Trailer Chassis: 14100mm * 2500mm *4100mm
Tire: 12 units
Landing gear: JOST
Operation: Wireless remote control and Manual operation
Function: Load 20/40ft container trailer
Axles: 3 axles
Kingpin: 90#
Power source:Power take off/Diesel APU
Max. working range: 4000mm

40Ft Side Loader Truck Trailer Price

Drawing of 40Ft Side Loader Truck Trailer Price


Testing of Side Lifter

This large-scale expansion is also an important function when performing trailer-to-trailer transfers. The trailer-to-trailer transfer refers to the use of a container side loader to load or unload containers onto another trailer. 

During this process, the accompanying trailer is parked as close as possible to the forklift, and then the container is transferred. The larger outreach allows additional distance between the supporting side lifter for sale and the container side lifter, making alignment easier and avoiding collision damage.

The container loading is stored in a low-key manner, which can avoid damage from foreign obstacles during transportation, and also avoid damage and contact with the container when being loaded by straddle carriers. 

Testing of Side Lifter Trailer Manufacturer

Testing of Side Lifter Trailer Manufacturer


With a 37ton lifting capacity, the self loading container truck for sale is quick and stable and boasts an outreach of more than four meters to provide ease of operation. 

The side lift container transport is available with a separate power pack system with the Kubota engine. This means that the self load containers can operate with any truck without any specific hydraulic fittings, and gives more flexibility for operators with a fleet of trucks. 

Details of 45T Container Side Loader Trailer

Details of 45T Container Side Loader Trailer