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Tips For Buying A Semi-Trailer

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1. How to choose a more reliable semi-trailer supplier?

2. Who is better? TITAN compare with other companies?

3. Why choose TITAN for cooperation ?

4. How to judge whether this company is a trading company or a professional production factory?


1. How to choose a more reliable semi-trailer supplier?

Hello everyone, This is Hero Guo, my facebook ID:

and company  address :

I graduated from Hubei University Of Automotive Technology with a major in mechanical design in 2007, and later went to TITAN Vehicles to engage in vehicle design work. Now I am the general manager of TITAN Trailers’ international trade department.

Lowboy trailer


Following is my suggestion

1. Firstly you need to choose one professional factory which products trailers;

2. Secondly to check if the factory can produce and export more than 1,000 units to Africa every year;

3. And check if it has been exported to Africa for more than 5 years.

But which one is the best? Let me introduce here:

flatbed semi trailer low bed semi trailer fuel tanker semi trailer
cement tanker trailer fence semi trailer semi tipper trailer


2. Who is better? TITAN compare with other companies?

Which factory is better, you must first know the websites of these factories. For example, our website is

Open the websites of these suppliers, please be ensure to use computer to access the website.

First check and compare all company introductions, such as our introduction called About Us, our address is

Look at which company is more professional.


Of course, the most important one is to check the customer CASE or NEWS section of the website. All the factories will record their shipping news after the shipment. Then click to see each CASE or NEWS. For example, our CASE address is 

Record the time of each shipment. More shipments, more professional. Because a large number of orders are from customers who made a deal. More people choose the factory, indicated the factory is very trustworthy.

Of course, you can also view the videos on the website. The products on the video can show which one is more professional and reliable.

The video address on our website is:


3. Why choose TITAN for cooperation ? 

First of all, the quality of most of TITAN’s products are the same as or better than CIMC’s.

For example, the quality of Low bed Semi Trailer, Windmills Adapter Trailer, Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy (Frond loading) Trailer, and Container Side Loader far exceed the quality of CIMC.

Secondly, TITAN is the manufacturer that exports the most semi-trailers in China, exporting more than 1,200 units every year.

(Note: CIMC has 15 factories and their total export volume is more than TITAN)

TITAN's company established in 2004 and already has 16 years of production experience. It has produced more than 60,000 semi-trailers. We have focused on the production of semi-trailers for export since 2014. It has exported more than 10,000 semi-trailers and accumulated a large number of cases and experience in production and delivery. Our competitors export less than 100 trailers each year, even many are traders.

Choosing TITAN, we will help you resolve all from production, packing and shipping to after-sales services, with more favorable price.

tanker trailer ready for shipment


4. How to judge whether this company is a trading company or a professional production factory?

Search for the name of this company which you are interested in on If the company updated videos 5 years ago, and each video had its own logo.

(Note: The picture can be PS, but the product logo on the video cannot be PS)

The video address on our website is:


A. If they don’t update many videos with their own logo on the video, they are traders.

B. If they started to update logo videos the last two years, it means that the company has just started exporting and hasn’t many sales.

C. Some companies updated videos a few years ago, but the number of videos are not many, and the products above are not very good. It shows that they are factories, but the number of export semi-trailers is not many..

The three ABC companies are not trustworthy whether they are traders or factories that have just started exporting.

So TITAN is your best choice when you chose to buy trailers from China.