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TITAN Vear | 2024-06-21
4 Axle 100 T Low Loader Trailer for Sale In Benin In the past year, we have been fortunate to provide high-quality low loader trailers for sale to Benin customers, and customers have been full of praise for the quality of our products. Recently, a customer visited our Guangzhou office and decided to further expand their business. This time, the goal is to purchase a 4-axle low loader trailer to further increase their transportation capacity. For us, the customer's choice again is an affirmation of our pro......
TITAN Vera | 2024-06-20
3 Axle Extendable Flatbed Trailer for Sale In Angola In the era of globalization, cross-border cooperation and exchange have become the norm for corporate development. The visit of Angola customers this time reflects the successful win-win cooperation between Angola customers and Chinese manufacturers. Before opening a new transportation company, the customer conducted in-depth research to ensure that the selected semi trailer is of high quality and cost-effective. Therefore, in order to purchase the same......
Karen | 2024-06-19
Tri Axle 40 Ft Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale in Dominican This is the second time that the Dominican customer has purchased flatbed semi trailers. This time he came to TITAN's Guangzhou office and expressed his willingness to buy. Our sales manager recommended this 40 ft flatbed semi trailer to him based on his requirements and highlighted its features and advantages. The customer had great confidence in our product quality, so we successfully reached a cooperation agreement. The 40ft flatbed semi trailer......
Karen | 2024-06-18
20 40 Combo Chassis for Sale in Guam  The customer from Guam is a purchasing manager of a transportation company. He wanted to buy combo chassis this time, so he came to our Guangzhou office for a field visit. Our sales manager introduced the advantages and features of this new 20 40 combo chassis in detail, and patiently and carefully answered the customer's questions. The customer soon signed a contract with us. The 20 40 combo chassis in Guam, also known as a 20 40 combo container chassis, is a sp......
Karen | 2024-06-17
Tanzanian customer wanted a sidewall semi trailer for his transportation business and learned about our brand through a friend's introduction. After comparing many options, he decided to visit TITAN to see the quality and service of the semi-trailer. Sales manager Andy received the customer and introduced the manufacturing process and technical details of the semi-trailer in detail. TITAN also provided a customized solution based on his specific needs. The customer was very satisfied with the professiona......

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