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TITAN Semi Tipper Trailers | 2021-01-21
In the case of such widespread use of vehicles, although semi tipper trailers owners are very careful when driving, traffic accidents still occur from time to time. In traffic accidents, Semi tipper trailers are the most frightening thing. Dump truck trailers have large loading capacity, difficult braking, and large blind spots. The losses caused by accidents are unimaginable. However, as long as the safety performance of the dump truck is in place, safety is still very guaranteed. Semi tipper trailers fo......
TITAN Flatbed Semi Trailer | 2021-01-11
  In fact, vehicles are the same as human beings. They also have a lifespan. They also need our careful care. Take tri axle trailer vehicles as an example. They need to do basic inspection and maintenance. This can avoid unnecessary safety hazards and reduce maintenance Cost to achieve the purpose of extending its service life.   Flatbed semi trailer inspection: Let’s start with the basic inspection of the China flatbed semi trailer. Don’t underestimate the following inspections, whi......
TITAN SIDE TIPPER | 2020-12-30
Tipper trailers can be divided into two types: rear dump trailer and side tipper trailer. Dump Trailers are mainly responsible for transportation tasks such as large-scale mines and engineering and are usually used with excavators. The other type of light, medium, and ordinary Side Tipper Trailer used for road transportation are mainly responsible for the transportation of loose goods such as sand, soil, and coal, and they are usually used in conjunction with loaders. 40 Ton Side Tipper Trailer for Sale i......
TITAN Terminal Trailer | 2020-12-23
  The subdivision areas of the freight industry are very diverse, and different areas have different requirements for transportation vehicles, which gave rise to the concept of "specialized vehicles". As we all know, container transportation requires the use of skeleton trailers, which transport containers from the docks to all parts of the country. But do you know what kind of semi trailer is used to transport containers from the cargo ship to the distribution center in the terminal? The answer is a......
TITAN Flatbed Trailer | 2020-12-17
  Steel Material of tri axle trailer The entire body of the tri axle trailer is welded with different specifications of steel plates and other raw materials, so the quality of the steel plate determines the final quality of the product, and the quality of the raw materials is indeed guarded by us. I am an ordinary raw material warehouse keeper, dealing with raw materials of different specifications every day. As a TITAN raw material warehouse keeper, the first step in controlling 40 ft flatbed traile......

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