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TITAN Vehicle | 2024-05-17
Customer Visiting TITAN's Guangzhou Office for Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer   The customer from West Africa visiting TITAN’s Guangzhou office. He had heard about TITAN's high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Determined to expand his business, he decided to personally visit TITAN's office in Guangzhou. As he entered TITAN's office, he was greeted warmly by the staff, who were impressed by his determination and enthusiasm. Through discussions with TITAN's team, the customer shared ......
TITAN Vera | 2024-05-08
Tri Axle Drop Side Wall Trailer for Sale In Zambia Zambian customer saw TITAN tri axle side wall trailer on Facebook and was very interested. After contacting sales manager Argo, I wanted to negotiate the details on site. It is a common way for customers to go to dealers or manufacturers for on-site inspection and purchase. Sales manager Argo fully demonstrated the features and advantages of the side wall semi trailer and had in-depth discussions with customers. Focus on the characteristics, scope of appl......
TITAN Vehicle | 2024-04-28
4 Axle Lowbed Trailer for Sale in Tanzania Dar es Salaam   Tanzanian customer saw the our page of 4 axle lowbed trailer on Google. He thought TITAN's lowbed trailers were great and the details were fully displayed, so he left an inquiry. Our sales manager Shawn contacted the customer and sent him a lot of details, quotation, shipping cost and other information about the 4 axle lowbed trailer. The Tanzanian customer wanted to buy more than a dozen lowbed trailers, and he happened to have a friend in ......
TITAN Vera | 2024-04-17
Best Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale In Dominican  In the past year, we have been fortunate to provide cement tanker trailers to Dominican customers, who are full of praise for the quality of our cement tanker trailers. Today, Pinky received him again, and he decided to further upgrade their cement tanker trailer. This time the goal is to purchase 5 units 45cbm cement tanker trailer to further improve their transportation efficiency. For TITAN, customers' choice again is an affirmation of our products......
TITAN Vehicle | 2024-04-03
Tri Axle Trailer for Sale Near Me in Ghana Accra   Customer from Ghana came to visit the TITAN office in Jinan and ordered flatbed trailer. After arriving in China, the Ghanaian customer was warmly and friendly received by our sales managers Alice and Jacky, and began his visit to TITAN. Under Alice and Jacky's explanation, the Ghanaian customer had an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and advantages of TITAN flatbed trailer and decided to purchase a model that suited their needs - a 40 ......

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