Different Types of Flatbed Trailer | 20/40/45/53 ft Flatbed Trailer Dimensions Specifications

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1. Different types of flatbed semi trailer

2. 40 ft flatbed trailer dimensions & specifications

3. Connection of tractor and flatbed semi trailer

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1. Different types of flatbed semi trailer

Common flatbed trailer for sale:

TITAN flatbed trailer is a kind of trailer whose design is suitably made to carry bulk cargo and containers between shipping facilities and terminals. By simple definition, this is a long flat platform of either 20ft, 40ft, 48ft or 53ft length. Flatbed trailer for sale is usually used to transport 20ft or 40ft containers, they are mainly used for container transportation supporting ships, ports, shipping lanes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport.

Flatbed trailer is carefully designed to desired heights and weight capacity to safely load and transport cargoes from one location to another. Use 40 ft flatbed trailer to transfer cargo at the shipper’s warehouse. Unloaded to the consignee’s warehouse, when changing trailer or boat on the way, there is no need to take the goods out of the box and change them.

The size of the flatbed semi trailer loading area is determined according to the standard container size. A twist lock device for fixing the container is provided at positions corresponding to the four corners of the bottom of the container. Flatbed trailers are special trailers for transporting containers. 


Different Types of Flatbed Semi Trailer | 20/40/45/53 ft Flatbed Trailer Dimensions & Specifications

Details of 4 axle 45 ft flatbed trailer for sale


Side wall trailer:

The triaxle trailer with boards also called side wall trailer. This side wall cargo trailer use to load a wide range of products and materials, like sand, bags, poultry etc. Also the some bulk cargo, very widely used in the transportation industry. Suitable for the mid/long distance transportation of the mid/heavy duty and bulk cargo. The tri axle trailer with side boards can be added with a container turn lock to transport the container.


Extendable flatbed trailer:

Extendable trailer, you can freely adjust the length of the semi-trailer according to the length of the cargo, so as to meet the transportation needs of different goods. Custom length extendable flatbed trailer.

With the rapid development of the global transportation industry, semi-trailers have also begun to diversify into a variety of categories. Ordinary semi-trailers have limited capabilities, but special trailers also have single functions and low utilization rates.

Therefore, the bosses of transportation companies increasingly need a telescopic trailer that can load very long cargoes, such as long cement pipes, steel pipes, wood, wind blades for power generation, etc.


Tipper flatbed trailer:

The striking feature with the tipper flatbed trailer is a mechanism that makes it easy to unload the container.There are apparatus added as modifications to the conventional tri axle trailer models further simplifying the process of offloading cargo from the container.

The hydraulic system mounted on the upper platform facilitates the offloading process causing the container to tilt upwards to offload cargo. Tipper flatbed trailer is definitely one of the safest means of offloading shipping containers. The tipper flatbed trailer comes with a hydraulic lifting cylinder that contracts longitudinally to facilitate loading and on the other hand, they extend in an outward manner to enhance the offloading process.


Different Types of Flatbed Semi Trailer | 20/40/45/53 ft Flatbed Trailer Dimensions & Specifications

20 foot flatbed trailer and 40 ft flatbed trailer ready to ship in port


2. 45 ft flatbed trailer dimensions & specifications

Tare Weight: About 7.6T

Dimension(mm): 13900x2500x1587mm

Loading capacity(ton): ≤60T

Axles: 4 axles, 13T/16T ,FUWA/ BPW/ Huajing Brand

Tire: 16 units, 12.00R22.5 or 315/80R22.5

Rim: 9.00-22.5 or 9.75-22.5

Suspension: Mechanical suspension(Germany or America type) or Air suspension(China brand or BPW brand)

Spring Leaf: 90(W)mmx13(Thickness)mmx10 layers or 100mmx12mmx12 (specially intended for overseas markets)

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch (bolted or welded)

Landing Gear: JOST brand D200T or Chinese brand 28tons(double-speed)

Main Beam: Height: 500mm, Upper plate:14mm, Middle plate:8mm, Bottom plate:16mm, Material:Q345B steel

Side Beam: 16mm or 18mm steel channel (material: Q235 steel)

Platform: 3mm-thick checkered plate

Brake Chamber: WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 spring brake chamber(TKL brand), 45L air tank

Twist Locks: 4,8,12 sets (lifting or screw type)

Valve: WABCO valve (specially intended for oversea market)

ABS: Optional

Light: LED light (specially intended for oversea market)

Voltage: 24V

Socket(Receptacle): 7-pin Socket (for 7 wire harness)

Tool Box: 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m (The tool box contains 1 tire spanner, 1 gudgeon sleeve and 1 cranking bar. Its size can be tailored to suit your needs) 

Painting: Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats

Different Types of Flatbed Semi Trailer | 20/40/45/53 ft Flatbed Trailer Dimensions & Specifications

3. Connection of tractor and flatbed semi trailer

1. The traction height of the flatbed semi trailer manufacturers, the size of the traction pin, the front turning radius, the clearance radius, etc. must be matched with the tractor, and the inspection should be performed before connecting;

2. Carefully check whether there is sand, dust or other foreign matter on the working surface of the tractor saddle and the traction pin of the semi-trailer, and whether there is enough lubricating grease;

3. The connection between the tractor saddle and the towing pin.

Adjust the support legs to make the 45 ft flatbed trailer traction slide plate and the height of the traction saddle compatible. Generally, the tri axle flatbed trailer traction slide plate is 10 to 30mm lower than the center of the upper plane of the tractor traction saddle. Otherwise, it may not only fail to connect, but also Damage to traction seat, traction pin and related parts;

Operate the locking mechanism of the traction seat (the traction seat is different, please refer to the instruction manual of the tractor for details), so that the locking block is opened to a free state;

When the tractor is reversed, the centerline of the tractor and the 53 ft flatbed trailer for sale shall be kept consistent, and the centerline deviation of the two vehicles shall be limited to 40 mm or less, and the angle between the two centerlines shall be ≤5° when fully loaded, and ≤7° when no load;

Check whether the locking block of the traction seat locks the traction pin and whether the locking is firm;

Move forward the tractor slightly to check whether the connection is good;


Different Types of Flatbed Semi Trailer | 20/40/45/53 ft Flatbed Trailer Dimensions & Specifications


4. Gas connection

Connect the two air pipe joints (commonly known as handshake) on the tractor to the two air pipe joints on the 20 ft flatbed trailer. At this time, the air supply pipeline of the tractor is connected with the air supply pipeline of the superlink trailer, and the control pipeline of the tractor is connected with the control pipeline of the tri axle trailer for sale (note the color of the connector: red is the air supply pipeline, and blue is the control pipeline) ;

After the air connections are connected to each other, unscrew the flatbed trailer air connection disconnect switch on the tractor to make it ventilated, otherwise the flatbed for sale brake system cannot be supplied with air, and the brake system cannot work;

Start the engine, observe the barometer in the cab, and increase the pressure in the air tank of the tractor and 53 ft flatbed trailer for sale to the specified pressure (usually 650-750kPa);

Check whether there is air leakage in the air circuit, and check whether the brake system is working normally;

5. Circuit connection

Insert the cable connection plug of the tractor into the cable connection socket at the front end of the 40 ft flatbed semi trailer;

Check whether the electrodes are well connected, confirm whether the lights are working normally, and replace the electrode wiring if necessary;


You can download video, you can learn about different types of flatbed semi trailer, such as 2 axle flatbed semi trailer,3 axle container semi trailer,4 axle 40ft flatbed semi trailer, etc. As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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