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Do you know 12 ways to save fuel on flatbed semi-trailers?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-04-30


Fuel saving is a topic that every flatbed semi-trailer owner is discussing. Everyone has his own experience in saving fuel.

Today I will share the following fuel saving methods with you:


1. Plan your route:

Some data show that if you travel 2 kilometers more a day, you consume an average of 6L more gasoline per month. According to Euro III standards, a trailer emits 270 grams of carbon dioxide per month.


2. Minimize short-distance driving as much as possible:

If you always use the fuel consumption of the first kilometer of your trailer to go through all the places you want to go, the trailer that claims to consume only 8 liters of fuel for 100 kilometers will make you behave like this Pays nearly 40 liters of oil. In actual work, it takes quite some time for the engine of the cold trailer to get the components in the best condition. This distance is generally 4 kilometers. In other words, if you just go to the supermarket in front of the community, you can just walk. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also good for your body.


3. Straight Driving:

How much fuel can straight driving save? The answer is that trailers that go straight as far as possible save an average of 12% in fuel consumption per kilometer than trailers that frequently change lanes. When changing lanes, you need to frequently change speed, sharp acceleration, brake the trailer. So that a large amount of gasoline becomes an incomplete combustion exhaust without you being aware of it.


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4. Check the trunk:

For every 10 kilograms of goods on the trailer traveling 1000 kilometers with the trailer, it will consume 0.4 liters of fuel. Each additional kilogram of load increases fuel consumption by 1%. Therefore, you should always check the luggage for unwanted items. Even a box of mineral water will make you burn nearly 1L of gasoline every month.


5. Gently step on the gas pedal:

Once sharply and slowly, at the same speed, the difference in fuel consumption can reach 12 ml, and an extra 0.4 g of carbon monoxide will be discharged per kilometer. In addition, the howling noise caused by the intense friction between the tire and the ground caused by rapid acceleration is 7-10 times that when driving at a constant speed, and the tire wear is increased by 70 times; the risk of rear-end collision is increased by 4.3 times.


6. Drive at a constant speed and do not overspeed.

For ordinary cars, the speed of 80 kilometers per hour is the most fuel-efficient speed. Statistics show that each additional 1 kilometers per hour will increase your fuel consumption by 0.5%.


7. Be careful with your brakes:

Remember, the cost of each trailer brake is not low, which includes the fresh oil just sprayed from your engine’s oil nozzle, and the loss of brake car skin and tires.


8. Ensure the normal air pressure of the tyre:

You can drive thousands of miles while you are on a car, and you should also ensure the air pressure of the tyre for your car. Tested to meet the required tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3%. If the tire pressure is reduced by 30%, the fuel consumption of the car trailer will increase by 5% -10% when the vehicle is traveling at a speed of 40km / h, and the fuel consumption of the diesel cargo truck will increase by 20% -25%. As long as one tire hits less than 40 kilopascals (KPa), this tire will reduce the life of 10,000 kilometers and increase the total fuel consumption of the trailer by 3%. In order to save fuel consumption, check your tire pressure.


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9. Windows should not be opened when driving at high speed:

Experiments show that closing the flatbed trailer window will reduce wind resistance by 30%. Imagine the effect of having a sail on the top of your trailer? Opening a flatbed semi trailer window is basically similar to it.


10. Don’t use power-consuming equipment blindly:

After using the rear window heater for 10 hours, the fuel consumption of the entire trailer will increase by 1 liter. Don’t think that the electricity on the trailer does not cost you without an electric card. You can know that the electricity on the trailer is more expensive than the electricity you bought at the bank. Remove all useless electrical appliances from your trailer, this will not only reduce the weight of the trailer, but also save a lot of electricity.


11. When driving the trailer, pay attention to the thermometer:

The normal water temperature of the engine should be maintained between 80 ° C and 90 ° C. Too high or insufficient will increase fuel consumption. Special attention should be paid to the fact that if the water volume of the water tank is insufficient, it is easy to cause the water temperature to rise rapidly. When the water temperature exceeds 95 ° C, the fuel consumption will increase by 30% -40% compared with the normal temperature, and it will easily cause wear and tear of the parts.


12. Daily maintenance of the flatbed semi trailer:

Finally, whether a trailer can save fuel, in addition to the driving habits of the driver, the quality of the trailer’s own technical condition is also the key to saving fuel, and the quality of the technology is directly related to the maintenance of the trailer. Trailer owners must develop the habit of maintaining trailers on a regular basis during their usual driving lives, including maintaining air filters, removing carbon deposits, maintaining mufflers, and checking spark plugs.


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