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How to choose a good tipper semi trailer?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-03-19


Since the demand for tipper semi trailer has increased sharply in recent years, many new customers face a lot of manufacturers, brands, configurations, and product explanations different from sales staff before buying a tipper semi trailer. In the end, they may be dazzled and unable to start.


What good qualities should end dump trailer have? Now let’s take a closer look.


1. The structure of the vehicle design should be reasonable.

The center of gravity of the chassis should be as low as possible. According to the load of the hydraulic tipper trailer, the type of goods, road conditions and the driving habits of the driver, a systematic planning and design should be performed to meet different usage needs.


2. The material used should be real.

The seemingly the same steel is actually divided into high-strength, manganese steel, and ordinary carbon steel. Among them, high-strength is divided into 700, 900, 980 and other models. Its durability is gradually increased with the increase of the label. The weight of the body can be gradually reduced, but the cost will also increase.


3. The processing technology of vehicles must pass.

However, with the popularization of mechanical automation, many factories have realized basic automatic operations in the process of cutting, welding and other processes in the processing of vehicles. The manufacturing technology has generally been greatly improved.

In addition, after welding, the surface needs to be sandblasted and rust-removed, so as to better increase the paint adhesion.


4. The lifting hydraulic system must be stable, the design of the oil circuit must be reasonable, and the cylinder lifting must be synchronized.

The hydraulic system is the power source for dump truck dumping and discharging. The original parts are composed, the hydraulic system must run stably to ensure the normal operation of the unloading.


5. In addition, the installed tires need to be strong and durable.

This model generally matches 12.00 vacuum tires. High-quality tires are an important guarantee for driving safety. Selecting tires with brand protection can better protect driving safety.


TITAN Lightweight 3 Axle U Shape Tipper Semi Trailer For Sale


The reasonable weight matching of the entire vehicle, the dump industry also follows the principle of light truck pulling, but considering the special nature of the working nature of the tipper semi trailer, we must not blindly reduce weight.

In addition to using a high-strength material body structure, the application of aluminum alloy accessories is also a good choice. For example, the use of aluminum alloy for the tool box and outriggers can reduce considerable weight, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is stronger. After two or three years of use, the toolbox will be rusted and damaged, and the life will be longer. As for the lower frequency of use of the dump trailer for the outrigger, the aluminum alloy outrigger is sufficient for occasional use.

Aluminum alloy wheels are currently the most popular weight-reducing artifacts. While ensuring strength, it can also reduce the weight by half compared to ordinary steel wheels, and the effect is very impressive. It is only because of the current rise in the price of raw materials that aluminum alloy wheels have risen sharply and the purchase cost is relatively high, but compared to the benefits brought by long-term operation, this price increase is actually acceptable.

In addition, the quality of key parts must be reliable, such as axles, leaf springs, suspensions. The price of high-quality accessories and poor-quality accessories varies greatly, but still expensive and more durable.


TITAN Lightweight 3 Axle U Shape Dump Trailer For Sale


TITAN dump trailers adopt high strength steel to make it durable when load the sand or small stones or rocks. And the loading capacity are 40t, 60t, 80t.



1. Double-plate main beam for heavy-duty dump trailer. For heavy-duty dump semi-trailers, the main beam is designed with double plates, which have stronger carrying capacity.

2. Hydraulic cylinder: The heavy-duty cylinder with a wider diameter, stronger lifting capacity and higher height, which makes the lifting more stable and does not easy to roll over.

3. Vice beam: with 4 units vice beam, which can make the bottom of the box better bearing capacity, and will not easily deform. The lattice structure of the side door makes the side door more solid.

4. Cross balance beam: There is a balance beam at the front and rear of the main beam, which can better support the beam and is not easy to deform.

5. Flip Bracket: 4 units flip brackets, which can make the rear end more evenly loaded during unloading, and it is not easy to damage the trailer.

6. Leaf spring and suspension: The leaf spring is widened and thickened, the shock absorption effect is good, the suspension is widened, and the center pin is wider, which makes the vehicle more stable during driving.


7. Strengthened Ribs, unique structure design to maximize the payload.


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