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How to maintain the flatbed semi trailer in summer?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-05-22

1. Prevent flat tires

When the flatbed semi trailer is operated under high temperature conditions, due to the high external temperature, the tire heat dissipation is slow, and the air pressure is also increased accordingly, which is likely to cause tire burst.

Therefore, pay attention to the temperature and air pressure of the tire when operating under high temperature conditions, and check it frequently to ensure the specified air pressure standard. If lack of gas is found, make up in time.

For flatbed semi trailers running on long distances, reduce the speed properly. If necessary, park the flatbed trailer in a shady place to reduce the temperature of the tire before continuing to drive. Never use cold water to reduce the temperature of the tire. This will cause cracks due to uneven shrinkage of the tread and sidewall rubber layers.


2. Prevent deflagration

According to the compression ratio of the engine, gasoline with an appropriate octane number is selected.

Attention should be paid to maintaining the normal temperature of the engine, appropriately delaying ignition and enriching the mixture in advance. At the same time, the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, valve head and other parts should be thoroughly removed in time.

In addition, the flatbed semi trailer should choose a suitable speed before going uphill again. Maintaining good power, preventing the vehicle speed from being too fast or making the mixed gas slightly lean, can effectively prevent the occurrence of deflagration.


3. Prevent battery damage

When entering the high-temperature season, pay attention to changing the specific gravity of the electrolyte, which is smaller than that in winter.

At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check the battery liquid level, add distilled water in time, and keep the vents open.

In order to prevent excessive consumption of electrolyte due to high temperature, it is necessary to adjust the generator regulator to reduce the generator charging airflow.

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4. Prevent oil supply system air resistance

Clean the gasoline filter, fuel tank and oil pipeline to keep it clean and smooth.

Check and adjust the working pressure of the gasoline pump to keep it normal. Once the air resistance appears, it should stop to cool down, disassemble the carburetor inlet pipe joint, pull the gasoline pump hand rocker to make the gasoline fill the oil pipe, and restore the normal fuel supply.

In order to prevent the gas supply system from generating air resistance, a cold compress is usually used to reduce the temperature and make the oil supply smooth. Insulation pads can also be added, asbestos plate gaskets are added between the cylinder and the gasoline pump to reduce the heat transferred from the engine to the gasoline pump and prevent air resistance. In addition, the use of electric gasoline pumps is an effective way to prevent air resistance.


5. Prevent brake failure

For hydraulically braked vehicles, check the master cylinder and sub-cylinders, replace the brake fluid, completely drain the air from the brake pipe, and check and adjust the height of the brake pedal.

For pneumatic brake vehicles, pay attention to check the goodness of the brake cup and brake hose, and replace it in time if damage is found.


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6. Flatbed semi trailer maintenance under high temperature conditions

When the vehicle enters the high-temperature season, the necessary technical inspection and adjustment should be carried out for the whole flatbed trailer.

The main contents of its maintenance are:

1. Check the cooling system parts to ensure complete and intact. 

Mainly check the sealing of the cooling system, the tightness of the fan belt, whether the vents and vents on the radiator cover are smooth, whether the cooling water is sufficient, and whether the thermostat is in good condition. In addition, the scale should be eliminated in time, and the engine cooling water should use soft water or treated hard water as much as possible.

2. Improve lubrication conditions and reduce wear on machine parts. 

First, we must strengthen the maintenance of air filters and motorized filters to ensure that they work properly. For vehicles used in dusty conditions, it is necessary to appropriately shorten the oil replacement cycle. Flatbed semi trailers driving in hot weather should use high-quality motor oil and install oil radiator. Thick gear oil of summer is used for transmission, final reducer and steering gear, and lubricating oil with higher dropping point is used for wheel bearing.


TITAN here reminds all friends to take precautionary measures during driving on a hot summer day, maintain good working conditions for themselves and their families.


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