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Side Tipper Trailer for Sale | How Many Tons Can a Side Tipper Carry?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-06-28


1. New Side Dump Trailer Inspection

2. Advantages of Side Tipper Trailer

3. Side tipper trailer does not lift, the following parts are checked.


New Side Dump Trailer Inspection

1. During the lifting process, pay attention to check whether the hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, control valve and other components work normally, such as whether the hydraulic lifting is stuck, bouncing and abnormal noise.

2. Check tri axle side tipper trailer to whether the amount of oil in the hydraulic oil tank is sufficient, otherwise, the full amount of oil must be added according to the requirements of the prescribed oil grade. 

3 At the same time, check the manual operation valve, the air circuit for leaks, and the hydraulic system for leaks. Under no-load conditions, carry out the lifting test according to the operating procedure of the lifting mechanism of the dumping mechanism.

4. After 8-10 times no-load lifting test, it works normally. It can be regarded as good dumping performance without oil and gas leakage.

Side Tipper Trailer for Sale | How Many Tons Can a Side Tipper Carry?Side Tipper Trailer for Sale | How Many Tons Can a Side Tipper Carry?

Uneven force during rollover requires high load-bearing beams

The main beam of the 3 axle side tipper trailer has a subframe on a flat road. The force of the main beam is the same as that of an ordinary van, but when it rolls over, the force of the main beam is uneven. The requirements of beams are higher than that of ordinary cars. The second is that the goods pulled by the rollover side tipper trailer are generally heavy goods such as steel, stones, and coal, which also require a high load-bearing capacity of the girders.

Diagonal bracing reinforcement is very important, the more fulcrums, the higher the reliability

Diagonal bracing, when it rolls over, most of the weight of the cargo is borne by diagonal bracing. Therefore, the firmness of diagonal bracing is very important. Once the diagonal brace has a problem, it will easily cause a rollover accident. Therefore, the reinforcement of the diagonal brace is very important. In the picture above, one support point has 6 channel steel reinforcements.

The number of diagonal braces should be reasonable. Of course, the more the better, the more rollover braces, the smaller the force that each pivot can bear, and the higher the reliability. Generally, there are 5 pivots for 13m rollover and 6 for 15m.

Pay attention to the rotating bracket at the top of the diagonal brace. The pin must be pulled out when the side tipper trailer rolls over. If the design here is unreasonable, it will be easy to pull out if it is bent a little, which will affect the unloading.

34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer for Sale Price34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer for Sale Price

Advantages of Side Tipper Trailer

The carriage adopts side-turning and back-turning self-unloading methods, which can effectively improve the transportation efficiency of the loading and unloading machine to transport the bulk cargo.

Both the frame and the longitudinal beam of the carriage are welded with high-quality manganese plates, and the cargo box has two types: dustpan and rectangle. It has high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity, toughness, strong bearing capacity, and no permanent deformation.

Sophisticated technology: the main components are processed by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beams are fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the assembly machine is used for precise assembly of the axle and steel plate spring.

1.Frame body Q345B high strength structure steel, automatic submerged arc welding throughout beams, and other cross-section main stringers structure for optimum carrying effect.

2.Well-known brand axles, suspension systems, high performance, and reliability to use, to ensure the good performance of the vehicle.

3.TITAN 34 ton side dump trailer is equipped with HYVA cylinder, which is more reliable and safer. We supply 34 ton side tipper trailer with multiple customization options.

3 Axle 34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer for Sale3 Axle 34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer for Sale

Side tipper trailer does not lift, the following parts are checked.

Check the power take-off: the first check whether the drive shaft connected to the oil pump rotates. If it does not rotate, it means that there is a problem with the power take-off. If it rotates, it means that the power take-off is OK, and you should check further down.

Check the oil pump: whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct. Extend your left hand, with your thumb facing the oil pump spline, and the rotation direction of the other fingers is the same, it is a left-handed pump, otherwise, it is a right-handed pump. Whether the oil pump is damaged. The wear of the oil pump will cause the high and low-pressure chambers of the oil pump to communicate and fail to pump oil.

Check the distribution valve: whether there is gas in the air pipe on the distribution valve. Press the lifting and lowering switches, and check whether the two air pipes on the distribution valve have air. If there is no gas, it means that the solenoid valve that controls the lifting and lowering is faulty, and the solenoid valve should be replaced. Whether the distribution valve is damaged.

Other Tipper Dumper Trailer for SaleOther Tipper Dumper Trailer for Sale

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