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100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer is ready ship to Tanzania

100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania

Tanzanian customers purchased low bed trackers from TITAN for the third time. This time, the customer purchased a 3 line 6 axle 100 ton low bed truck trailer from TITAN. The customer operates a transportation company with multiple transportation demands.

The customer was very satisfied after purchasing the low bed truck trainer for the first time. In the past two years, Tanzanian customers have maintained a good cooperative relationship with TITAN.

Because of the customer's trust in TITAN, this time the customer directly purchased 100 ton low bed truck tracker in full, and TITAN will also give preferential prices to repeat customers. TITAN will guarantee to provide customers with the highest quality low bed truck tracker products.

To purchase TITAN semi trailer, please leave your contact information at the bottom of the page, and our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible.

When buying a low bed truck trailer, you will encounter the problem of which bridge to choose, which one to use, whether it is a wealthy overseas Chinese that is accepted by the public or a BPW bridge that is a little expensive.

100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania

BPW is a German product of the company, with a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the largest axle manufacturers in the world. Always walking in the front of the non drive axle, no matter the service or the quality. It is reliable, safe and worry-free. The maintenance cycle is relatively long. The brake performance is good, and it can withstand high temperatures. The BPW of Low bed truck tracker has many technical patents, making it better in performance and lower in cost

The low bed truck trailer axle beam is not easy to bend, saving tires, and the bearing force is more reasonable in case of heavy load.

The low bed truck trailer bearing is matched with the shaft head clearance, which has better lubrication effect and less resistance, making it have good high-speed performance and oil saving.

The S-shaped cam head design and the adjustable air chamber cylinder hole make the brake force greater, and the front, middle and rear axle brake force can be more reasonably distributed. The brake force distribution is more reasonable.

In addition, the special formula shoe used by the S-shaped cam head has large friction coefficient, high-temperature resistance, and better braking performance. Long-distance braking can also be operated freely, which can shorten the braking distance.

100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania

The origin of FUWA axle is Shunde, Foshan, which is cheaper than BPW axle, with high cost performance, stable heavy load performance and resistance to twists and turns.

FUWA axle is also a high-quality product recognized by the public and recognized in use. However, compared with BPW axle, BPW axle is undoubtedly more excellent.

Of course, BPW axle is also more expensive. At present, BPW axle is mainly used in relatively high-end markets such as precision instrument transportation, tobacco transportation and hazardous chemical transportation, while lowbed truck trailer FUWA axle is the first choice for most people when they choose to buy the axle.

100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania

Advantages and disadvantages of 100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer BPW axle:

Advantages: light running, better stability and reliability. Good heat dissipation and high-temperature resistance. The maintenance interval is long. Good braking effect, saving tyres

Disadvantages: high price, large one-time investment. Parts are difficult to buy. BPW special oil must be used for maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer FUWA Axle

Advantages: high cost performance, cheap axle, low initial investment. Reliability and service were also very good. Good overload performance. There are many maintenance locations, parts are easy to buy, and maintenance is convenient.

Disadvantages: high maintenance cost. The braking effect is not as good as that of BPW, and tires are wasted.

Some users also said that the two axles are not of the same level and have no comparability. We don't have to say which axle is better here. There is no best one, only the most suitable one. Some said very well: "The choice of axles is the same as the choice of low bed trailer for sale, which should be determined according to various factors such as the type of goods, route, freight rate and vehicle type". The best one is suitable for your working condition.

100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania100 Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer for Sale In Tanzania

You can learn about different types of lowbed semi-trailers, like 2axle, 3axle, 4axle lowbed semi trailer, hydraulic ladder lowbed semi trailer, etc. As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.