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60 Ton Drop Side Trailer is ready shipping Congo

60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo

Congo customer bought drop side trailer. Congo customer has always been very interested in purchasing semi trailers. The sales manager confirmed the customer's product needs and provided a detailed drop side trailer solution and quotation, and then the customer decided to buy this 60 ton drop side trailer.

60 Ton drop side trailer has been our best selling product, especially in African market. Negotiations with clients are not all smooth sailing. After 4 months of communication, the customer finally trusted TITAN and ordered 3 units 60 ton drop side trailer.

60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo

60 Ton Drop Side Trailer Structure Analysis of Key Details

60 Ton drop side trailer is mainly composed of a carriage, frame, outrigger (support device), suspension, axle (axle assembly), electrical circuit, protective net, tool box and other parts.

Compartment: It is mainly used to restrain the goods carried. The railings of the carriage are mainly divided into large vertical, small vertical, flat, corrugated, embossed and other types. The standard thickness of the general fence is 1.5mm, 1.2mm for light vehicles, and 2.0mm for heavy coal pulling and self-unloading semi-trailers.

Hinge: It mainly plays the role of connection between the 60 Ton drop side trailer railing and the frame. Different forms of hinges are used according to the force, mainly divided into large hinges, small hinges, flat hinges, Cast steel hinges and other forms.

60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo

Frame: It is assembled and welded by welded longitudinal beams, through-beams and section steel members made of steel plates for vehicles. It is a space frame structure and is used to support loads, install traction pins, suspension, support and other main components of devices.

Car floor: The drop side trailer is in direct contact with the cargo during daily loading, and it is also the most prone to wear and tear on the drop side semi trailer. According to the type of goods carried, there are mainly 3mm flat plate, 4mm flat plate, 3mm checkered plate and 4.5mm checkered plate.

Outrigger: The device used to support the front load of the tri axle drop side semi trailer after it is removed and hung. There are two forms: single-action and linkage. Each single-action outrigger has a crank handle, while the linkage outrigger has only one crank handle.

60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo

Suspension: A device used to transmit loads and absorb shocks, mainly including brackets, tie rods, upper and lower shaft clamps, U-shaped bolts, leaf springs, parallel arms, etc. The leaf spring is fastened on the shaft body of the axle with U-shaped bolts, and the two ends are stuck in the vehicle frame bracket, connected in series through the balance arm, and the balance arm is balanced within a certain range.

The leaf spring mainly bears the gravity in the vertical direction on the dropside trailer for sale frame, and the active force in the horizontal direction is transmitted by the lower axle card and the pull rod. By adjusting the tie rods, the shafts can be adjusted to be parallel to avoid abnormal wear of the tires.

Wheel bridge assembly: consists of tires, steel rings, hubs, brakes and axles.

Guardrail: It can prevent external objects from entering the lower part of the 60t dropside trailer for sale, and play a protective and blocking role.

60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo60 Ton Drop Side Trailer for Sale In Congo

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This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.