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Customer Feedback

1. How to choose a more reliable semi-trailer supplier?

Hello everyone, This is Hero Guo, my facebook ID:

and company  address :

I graduated from Hubei University Of Automotive Technology with a major in mechanical design in 2007, and later went to TITAN Vehicles to engage in vehicle design work. Now I am the general manager of TITAN Trailers’ international trade department.

Following is my suggestion

1. Firstly you need to choose one professional factory which products trailers;

2. Secondly to check if the factory can produce and export more than 1,000 units to Africa every year;

3. And check if it has been exported to Africa for more than 5 years.

Newly established companies can cost you big money due to lack of export experience,waste tens of thousands of dollars.


2. Who is better? TITAN compare with other companies?

Which factory is better, you must first know the websites of these factories. For example, our website is

Open the websites of these suppliers, please be ensure to use computer to access the website.

First check and compare all company introductions, such as our introduction called About Us, address is

Look at which company is more professional.

Of course, the most important one is to check the customer CASE or NEWS section of the website. All the factories will record their shipping news after the shipment. Then click to see each CASE or NEWS. For example, our CASE address is 

Record the time of each shipment. More shipments, more professional. Because a large number of orders are from customers who made a deal. More people choose the factory, indicated the factory is very trustworthy.

Of course, you can also view the videos on the website. The products on the video can show which one is more professional and reliable.

The video address on our website is: