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 4 axle 120 ton low bed trailers
 4 axle 120 ton low bed trailers

4 axle 120 ton low bed trailers

12600 USD

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Lowbed Truck for Sale with Dolly Trailer is tested for carrying capacity after production is finished, That durable and stronger construction ensure the Lowbed Truck loading capacity.

SKU: 4 axle 120 ton low bed trailers
GTIN: 06975766114862
Brand: TITAN

4 axle low loaders trailer heavy duty low bed trailers price 120 ton lowbed 4 axle semi low loader for sale


The lowbed semi-trailer is also widely used for various mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tank, power plant equipment and all kinds of steel transportation.It is widely used, efficient and fast.


Features - TITAN 120 ton low bed lowloader trailer 4 axles



The cargo table is arched ,to avoiding concentrated force and of sound construction .Compared with other company :Their cargo table is flat that easy to concave and beam damage.


Main structure:The main steel structure adopts HG60 high strength structural steel .Compared with the channel,our main steel comes with high strength, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deformation and long service life .


Reinforcement design :the suspension system of our lowbed semi-trailer, will be designed on the strengthening device and between the beam and side beam which can greatly improve the torsional performance of the container and to prolong service life.


The ladder have two kinds : they have spring ladder and hydraulic lander .the both of the material adopt High strength steel for Butt welding.The structure adopt intermediate double vertical plate.our thickness reached 6~8millimeter.


Reinforcement point :Our exported lowbed trailers are usually reinforced ,like gooseneck ,kingpin ,main beam ,Double vertical plate ,and so forth.


Main specification - TITAN 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer 4 axle


Brand: TITAN 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer 4 axles

Overall dimension: 15800mm X 3000mm X 3400mm

Loading capacity: 120 ton

Axle: 4 axles

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension

Tire: 12 units

Landing gear: JOST

Brake system: WABCO

King pin: 90#

Electical system: 24V, LED lights


Details of TITAN 120Ton Lowbed Trailer 4 axles




lowbed trailer




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yonas dagne - 2021-06-21T11:06:06+0800
TITAN 4 axle 120 ton low bed trailer has never made us disappointed thus far, when we finish the first transport business, we will come here to update. I was very impressed with this trailer.