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Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer
Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer

Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer

27000 USD

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The disassembly of the air hydraulic lowboy trailer gooseneck completely relies on compressed air from the air brake system of the tractor. No additional equipment is needed, so the weight is lighter.

SKU: Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer
GTIN: 06975766113018
MPN: TITAN9409038
Brand: TITAN

Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer for Sale Product Description:

The mechanically detachable gooseneck frame is similar to the hydraulic lowboy trailer body frame, and both are symmetrical with respect to the longitudinal vertical center plane. And indirectly contact with the ground (supported by the ground). The front end of the gooseneck is connected with the traction saddle of the tractor through a traction pin. The relationship between the tractor and the gooseneck is that the tractor can rotate around the blood axis relative to the gooseneck. After being separated from the towing saddle, the tractor can be driven away from the semi trailer. 

Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer for Sale in Nigeria



Overall dimension:18000mm*3000mm*2200mm

Loading capacity:  >150 ton

Axles:10 axles 

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Tire:40 units

Kingpin: 90#

Brake system: WABCO valve

Electrical system: 24V, LED lights


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Dominic from Ghana - 2021-08-31T17:08:58+0800
Is exactly what I needed, excellent. The front loading hydraulic lowboy trailer is perfect in size and the color, it is amazing.
Rowen - 2021-06-21T10:06:41+0800
Good service and fast delivery, great quality, perfect for Front Loading Hydraulic Lowboy Trailer. more soon. I will also make a video in the future.