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4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer
4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer

4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer

16000 USD

Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.


The silobas cement trailer pneumatic discharge can be used for powder and granule materials. The massive materials, on the other hand, are discharged into the designated pit by way of tipping gravity.

SKU: 4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer
GTIN: 6975766113148
MPN: TITAN9406023
Brand: TITAN

4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer Product Description:

Silobas cement trailers come in three different structures that include the horizontal, funnel, and lifting structures. Each structure is ideal for a specific type and weight of powder cargo.

For the silobas cement trailer tank to work effectively, several safety considerations have been put in place. Basically, pneumatic tankers tend to have certain safety issues that need the attention of well-trained and competent drivers. 

4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer for Sale in Sudan

4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer for Sale in Sudan

4 Axle Silobas Cement Trailer for Sale in Sudan



Dimension: 10000mm*2500mm*4000mm

Tanker body material : 5mm high strength wear-resistance steel

Payload : 35T-50T

Axles:4 axles

Tire:16 units

Application: transport lime, cement, powder etc.

Tank body thickness: 3.5mm

Compressor: 12m3 double cylinder air compressor

Spare tire rack: 2 units

Leaf spring: 10 pieces

Sprinkler: one sprinkler; car waxing  

Diesel Engine: WEICHAI Brand

Compressor: BOHAI

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: WABCO

Light: LED light (specially intended for oversea markets)

Voltage: 24V

Tool box: 1 set

Painting: Polyurethane paint, with long service lift, and avoid the vehicle get rust


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Idris from Kenya - 2022-01-07T09:01:01+0800
This 4 axle silobas cement Trailer is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel and considering that our road conditions use the most durable oil tanker, I am very satisfied with this car.
Terry - 2021-06-21T11:06:06+0800
This 4 axle silobas cement trailer has a nice heavy duty tank body. It's heavy enough to transport powder cement on the ground and also run fluently.