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Flatbed Tri Axle Trailer for sale
Flatbed Tri Axle Trailer for sale

Flatbed Tri Axle Trailer for sale

9800 USD

Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.


Tri axles trailer is the most popular model. TITAN can also offer tri axle flatbed trailer, fence trailer,  semi tipper trailer, container chassis trailer, the capacity from 40 to 80 tons.

SKU: Flatbed Tri Axle Trailer for sale
MPN: TITAN9403067
Brand: TITAN

Tri axle flatbed trailer  description:

Tri axle flatbed semi trailer is commonly used to transport various bulk cargoes and containers, 40ft container flatbed semi trailer can transport 1×40ft or 2×20ft container. 

Each tri axle trailer for sale comes with its own load rating, size, other systems as would be needed for its use. These specifications are very useful in helping you buy the right tri axle semi trailer for your operations.

Tri Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale

Tri axle flatbed trailer for sale

Tri Axle Semi Trailer

40ft container flatbed 3 axle trailer for sale


3 axle trailer Specification:

Model: tri axle 40ft flatbed trailer

Transport :20ft, 40ft container

Overall dimension:12500mm * 2500mm *1530mm

Axles:3 axles, 13t

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Tire:12 units

King pin:90#

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: WABCO

Electical system:24V, LED lights


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Video of tri axle trailer for sale

Through this video, you can see different types of flatbed trailers, As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

tri axle trailer for sale


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Chivhenge from Zimbabwe - 2022-02-25T14:02:20+0800
For me, the TITAN flatbed tri axle trailer is good and cheap. If you are still hesitating which flatbed trailer to buy, I recommend buying the TITAN tri axle flatbed trailer.
mark renand from Philippines - 2022-02-16T11:02:38+0800
Works very well on transport so far. I would recommend this model if you need a flatbed tri axle trailer. Now after only a few months, I'm ready for TITAN to buy another flatbed trailer for sale.
Susikwana from Zambia - 2022-02-12T09:02:44+0800
The sales manager Jacky was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. And the quality of the flatbed tri axle trailer is very good, I use it to transport containers and some other equipments.
Brendan Wright - 2021-06-21T17:06:42+0800
I really like the quality of the flatbed tri axle trailer. TITAN Vehicle’s service is excellent and I would highly recommend them.