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Wind Blade Trailer

Different types of wind blade trailer


Windmill blade trailer for a transport rotor blade, wind blades, e-138 e2 rotor blade. That is best solution to avoid obstacles, such as buildings and trees effectively, especially running on steep hills or narrow winding mountainous roads.

Hauling wind turbine blades mainly includes wind blades, nacelles, e-138 e2 rotor blade,hubs and towers, and each component is an over-limit item for ordinary road transportation, which requires professional wind turbine blade transport trailer for transportation and assemble a wind turbine. So wind turbine transportation companies need a windmill blade trailer for sale.

For wind blades, the length is extremely long, which becomes the main feature that distinguishes it from other equipments. Considering the particularity of wind turbine blade trailer length, the currently constructed mountain wind farm transport generally use wind turbine blade transportation combined with high-power tractors to complete the transportation of wind turbine blades.

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