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Difference and price between dump truck, end dump trailer and side tipper trailer

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-07-16


Dump truck, end dump trailer and side tipper trailer are used for taking dumps (such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste) for construction as well as coal. Tipper trailers have many designs, capacity and specifications to suit your needs and help you to engage in safe operations.

Are you considering buying a dump truck trailer for your business? Whether a dump truck trailer is best for your business depends on many factors. 

So, TITAN introduce the difference between dump trucks and tipper trailers, and their respective price.


3 types of dump truck trailer:

1. End dump trailer:

End dump trailer also known as a rear tipper trailer works by offloading cargo towards the back area. Through carefully designed unloading mechanism, operation safety can be well maintained.

Once the back of your trailer is locked, you can load your cargo in that position. On arriving at your destination, the front side of the tipper trailer gets raised causing your cargo to drop off from the back.

TITAN dump tipper trailers have different load capacities: 24 cubics, 30 cubics, 35 cubics, 45 cubic, and different types: standard, U-shape tip trailer, flatbed container tipper trailer, skeleton dumper trailer, side dump truck trailers.

Van Body has rectangular and U shape types:

1. The box type is designed to be strong in order to counteract the thrust forces experienced during the tipping of the trailer.  This is cheap and easy to produce. It is the widely used option around the globe. 

2. The U shape tipper trailer unloading speed is faster and more thorough compared to other options you will find in the industry market. Most importantly, this is a light weight trailer that offers you with a large load capacity.


TITAN 35cbm end dump trailer Price: $14000-16000


2. Side tipper trailer:

A side tipper trailer allows you to offload your goods from the side and there is a reason for that. You may be forced to do side dumping in areas where there isn’t sufficient space. However, the side tipper trailer can load more than the rear tipper.

The side tipper makes use of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors and a dump-bucket to one side. The remaining side gives you the option of opening and locking it during your job operations.


TITAN 3 Axle Side Tipper Trailer Price: $13500-15000


3. HOWO dump truck:

According to your requirements, the engine can choose 290 ~ 420hp. Choosing a short wheelbase improves the strength of the frame and the passability of the vehicle. For the self-unloading system, you can choose mid-top or front-top.

These trucks usually drive on urban roads with a travel distance of less than 200 km. 336hp or 380hp engine power is the best choice. Choose 6X4 or 8X4 tractor according to the load capacity. For transportation distances over 200 kilometers, it is best to use 8X4 to load more goods.

TITAN can provide customers with different models according to different workplaces and load requirements. Such as HOWO 6×4 tipper truck, HOWO 8×4 dump truck.


HOWO 6x4 Dump Truck Price: $35000-38000


New dump truck inspection

1. Check whether the amount of oil in the hydraulic oil tank is sufficient, otherwise the full amount of oil must be added according to the requirements of the prescribed oil grade. At the same time, check the manual operation valve, the air circuit for leaks, and the hydraulic system for leaks.

2. Under no-load conditions, carry out the lifting test according to the operating procedure of the lifting mechanism of the dumping mechanism.

3. During the lifting process, pay attention to check whether the hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, control valve and other components work normally, such as whether the hydraulic lifting is stuck, bouncing and abnormal noise.

4. After 8-10 times of no-load lifting test, it works normally. It can be regarded as good dumping performance without oil and gas leakage.


Maintenance knowledge

1. After mentioning the new dump truck, the fuel must be filled up for the first time. This is to check whether the fuel gauge of the new tipper trailer is accurate.

2. For the economy of the vehicle, except for the first time, it is not necessary to fill up the fuel tank in the future. Generally, it can be increased to 2/3. You know, the full load of the fuel tank is almost the same as an adult.

3. Refueling time is best in the morning, especially in the hot summer, to avoid a large amount of gas in the fuel tank, resulting in less refueling. When the indicator light of the fuel gauge lights up, you should refuel immediately. Otherwise, the diesel pump may be burned because there is too little diesel in the fuel tank to dissipate heat from the diesel pump.


Maintenance cost of dump truck

Maintaining dump trucks can be quite expensive. In addition to tires (each tire may be as high as $1,000), regular maintenance, fueling and insurance are also performed. In particular, dump trucks tend to consume fuel at a very high rate. Each gallon of gasoline can travel 3 to 6 miles, although naturally, they are not used for cruising vehicles.

There is also an additional fee: the driver's fee. An employee, even yourself, needs to be qualified to drive a dump truck, which may mean that the employee's salary may be higher than your regular driver.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of tipper semi-trailers(like 2 axle dump semi trailers, 3 axle tipper trailer, U shape tipper semi trailer, tipping chassis semi trailer, flatbed dump trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


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