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Dump trailer buying guide - Common problems and solutions of semi trailer tipper

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-06-08


Self dump trailers are suitable for the transportation of bulk and scattered goods such as coal, ores and building materials. 

Dump semi trailer according to use can be divided into two major categories: one belongs to the non-road transport with heavy and super heavy dump trailer mainly bear large Mining, engineering and other transport tasks, usually and excavators supporting the use of. Another category belongs to the road transport with light, medium, type ordinary dump trailer mainly bear gravel, soil, coal and other loose goods transport. Usually used in conjunction with loaders.


Let's take a look at common problems and solutions for rear dump trailers in use.


Q1: Why is the carriage lowered when the lift switch on the instrument panel is pressed, but raised when the lower switch on the instrument panel is pressed?

A: This is due to the control of lifting and lowering of the solenoid valve connected to the wrong cause.

There are three ways to exclude: 1. the instrument panel to control the lift and drop switch wire swap; 2. the control of the lift and drop solenoid valve Wires are interchanged; 3. Interchange the two air lines of the distribution valve.


Q2: Why doesn't the dump trailer lift?

A: When the dump truck does not lift, the following parts should be investigated.

Check the power take-off: 1. First see if the drive shaft connected to the oil pump rotates. If it does not turn, it indicates that the solenoid valve of the power take-off or the power take-off itself is defective; 2. If it rotates, it indicates that the power take-off is ok. Should further investigate.

Check the oil pump: 1. Whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct. Extend the left hand, the thumb is facing the spline of the oil pump, and the rotation direction of the remaining fingers is the same, it is the left-handed pump, otherwise it is the right-handed pump. 2. Whether the oil pump is damaged. Wear of the oil pump will cause the high and low pressure chambers of the oil pump to communicate and fail to pump oil.

Check the distribution valve: 1. Check whether there is gas in the air pipe on the distribution valve. Press the lift and down switches to check whether the two trachea on the distribution valve have air. If there is no gas, it means that the solenoid valve that controls the lifting and lowering is faulty, and the solenoid valve should be replaced. 2. Is the distribution valve damaged?


TITAN 3 axle semi trailer tipper for sale testing


Q3: Is the lifting speed of the vehicle box adjustable? Is it a malfunction that the automatic descent is faster?

A: The lifting speed is not adjustable. Falling too fast is a malfunction.


Q4: What are the important hydraulic components of the hydraulic lifting system and what role do they play?

A: 1. Oil pump - supplying oil;

2. One-way valve - controlling the flow of oil;

3. Distribution valve (rotating valve) - controlling the lifting and lowering of the vehicle box;

4. Oil cylinder - generating thrust.


Q5: How to solve the problem of climbing during the lifting process?

A: Sometimes in the carriage lifting process, there will be climbing phenomenon, this phenomenon is mostly due to the hydraulic system, air intake, the cylinder is full of oil and gas mixture caused by.


Q6: Why does the gear pump have an abnormal noise? How to exclude?

A: Sometimes when the pickup force, gear pumps make a rasping noise, which is mostly due to insufficient oil pump into the oil caused by. 

New tipper trailer this phenomenon, may be the oil pump into the oil pipe is too thin or into the oil pipe is deflated caused by. The oil inlet pipe should be thickened, and the oil inlet pipe with high strength and hardness should be used.

With a dump truck trailer that has been used for a while, it's possible that the feed line has aged, or the filter of the oil outlet of the oil storage tank is blocked, causing a poor oil feed. 

If all possibilities have been ruled out, the oil pump can only be damaged and should be replaced promptly.


TITAN 3 axle dump truck trailer details display


Advantages of TITAN dump truck trailer:

1. Double-plate main beam for heavy-duty dump trailer. For heavy-duty dump semi-trailers, the main beam is designed with double plates, which have stronger carrying capacity.

2. Hydraulic cylinder: The heavy-duty cylinder with a wider diameter, stronger lifting capacity and higher height, which makes the lifting more stable and does not easy to roll over.

3. Vice beam: with 4 units vice beam, which can make the bottom of the box better bearing capacity, and will not easily deform. The lattice structure of the side door makes the side door more solid.

4. Cross balance beam: There is a balance beam at the front and rear of the main beam, which can better support the beam and is not easy to deform.

5. Flip Bracket: 4 units flip brackets, which can make the rear end more evenly loaded during unloading, and it is not easy to damage the trailer.

6. Leaf spring and suspension: The leaf spring is widened and thickened, the shock absorption effect is good, the suspension is widened, and the center pin is wider, which makes the vehicle more stable during driving.

7. Strengthened Ribs, unique structure design to maximize the payload.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of tipper semi-trailers(like 2 axle dump semi trailers, 3 axle tipper trailer, U shape tipper semi trailer, tipping chassis semi trailer, flatbed dump trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


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