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12 Axle Extendable Trailer
12 Axle Extendable Trailer

12 Axle Extendable Trailer

61530 USD

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12 Axle Extendable Trailer mainly used to transport 30 meters to 35 meter wind tower. TITAN 12 axle extendable trailer have proven to be the most efficient, lightest-weight option for customers.

SKU: 12 Axle Extendable Trailer
GTIN: 6975766112110
MPN: TITAN9410058
Brand: TITAN

12 Axle Extendable Trailer Product Description:

Windmill tower section and rotor blade(blade trailer) usually are over-length goods which make it difficult to transport them. The extendable telescopic trailer is an economic and convenient way to transport those long blades.

Some huge wind mill’s height near 200m, tower’s length reaches 135m, weighs over 6,000t in total, diameter over 5 meters, our trailer and adapter will be your reliable equipment to move them.

During the wind tower’s transportation, the front and rear trailers are in front and back positions, and the windmill tower will be directly placed on the floating deck of the front trailer module and rear trailer module. The front trailer module is driving by the tractor in front, and the posterior module is towing by the friction generated by the dead weight of the wind power tower. 

12 Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

12 Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale

12 Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

12 Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale 

12 Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

12 Axle Extendable Telescopic Trailer for Sale



Dimension(L*W*H): 34180mm X 3500mm X 1714mm ( closed state)

Deadweight without ramps: 28.5 Ton

Deadweight with ramps: 29.5 Ton

Frame: HG60 high strength steel frame

Loading capacity: 90 Ton

Length: 18,500mm at closed state; 33,500mm after total extended

Width: 2,990mm + 2 X 250mm side swing bracket

Height: 200mm+/-90mm

Axle: 12 Axles

Maximum steering angle: +/-25°

Tyre: 48 units, 215/75R17.5

Gooseneck: Hydraulic gooseneck

Suspension: Hydraulic lifting suspension (only for adjusting the platform levelling needed)

Hydraulic power station: 1 set,12Kw diesel engine

Loading Ramps: 1 set, detachable ramps

Landing gear: JOST C200

Operation 2 wireless remote control: + 1 control valve panel

12 axle extendable trailer


 12 axle extendable telescopic trailer details display video

12 axle extendable trailer video

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Duong Quang Tung from Vietnam - 2021-11-03T15:11:03+0800
This 12 axle extendable trailer is a fantastic windmill blade tower trailer for transporting wind turbine towers. No additional costs and saves a lot my time.