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Tri-axle 60 ton Drop Side Trailer
Tri-axle 60 ton Drop Side Trailer

Tri-axle 60 ton Drop Side Trailer

10000 USD

Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.


Tri-axle 60 ton drop side trailer is the most popular model in Cote d'Ivoire. TITAN can customize the fence semi trailer for you.

SKU: Tri axle 60 ton Drop Side Trailer
GTIN: 06975766111724
MPN: TITAN9405040
Brand: TITAN

Product Description:

TITAN is a specialilized heavy haul trailer manufacturer in China, with more than 15 years production experience and strong technical strength, TITAN semi trailers has successfully entered into over 50 countries around the world, such as Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, Mali,Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, India, Pakistan, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and so on.

Titan produces the high quality Tri-axle 60 ton Drop Side Trailer for carrying 40ft container, 20ft container and bulk cargo. this cargo trailer can carry loads from 40 ton to 60 ton machnies and cargos. The dropsides Trailer also called fence semi trailer with sidewalls. TitanTri-axle Side Wall Semi Trailer are noted for their highly robust structure steel, we can provide difference configurations of our flat bed semi trailer to meet your transportation requirement.

TITAN Tri-axle 60 ton Drop Side Trailer

TITAN Tri-axle 60 ton Drop Side Trailer

sidewall semi trailer

Sidewall semi trailer

cargo semi trailer

Cargo semi trailer



Brand: TITAN Side Wall Semi Trailer

Overall dimension: 12500mm X 2500mm X1550mm

Loading capacity: 60 ton

Axle: 3 axles

Side walls height: 800mm

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension

Tire: 12 units

Landing gear: JOST

Brake system: WABCO

King pin: 90#

Electical system: 24V, LED lights



Highly robust structure steel with tensile and high load capacity, 60 ton loading capacity .

800mm side walls is standard, 600mm side walls is an option.

Heavy duty type mechanical spring suspsension for high loads requirements needs.

Length and width of lowbed avaiable custom made

Air suspension and bogie suspension is an option.


Through this video, you can learn about different types of fence semi-trailers, as well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.



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Nguyen Hoang - 2021-06-21T14:06:09+0800
In this age of "just get the sale attitude", that the vast majority of businesses hold, we often find ourselves disappointed and frustrated with the lack of support and "true" customer service we receive - once they've gotten our money. This was NOT how we were treated with TITAN – In fact, they went above and beyond and impressed us with each and every step.