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Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale
Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale

Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale

9800 USD

Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.


3 axles 40ft flatbed trailer is the most popular model. TITAN can also offer the 20ft/45ft/48ft/53ft, 2/3/4 axles, the capacity from 60-100 tons.

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Product Description:

40ft flatbed semi trailers for sale is the most popular model. Flatbed semi trailers is usually used to transport 20ft or 40ft containers.

According to the length, TITAN can also offer the 45ft 48ft 53ft, 2axles/3axles/4axles, the capacity from 35 ton to 60 ton. For the types, we can also make the flatbed with sidewall or stake. 

And skeleton cheap semi trailers for sale are also a good choice for transporting containers.


Advantage of semi trailers for sale near me:

1. TITAN adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the semi trailers, it can make the semi trailer have a higher loading capacity and a longer service life.

2. There are 9 cross beams, the distance between two tilted supports is less than 50 centimeters, it can help the main beam have a better loading capacity.

3. To make sure the service life of the semi trailers, all the spare parts TITAN adopt are world famous brand. 

4. Hight quality container locks, make sure the stable and safety of the loads.


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Video of semi trailers for sale:

Through this videos, you can learn about different types of flatbed semi trailers for sale, as well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


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Conrad - 2021-06-21T17:06:07+0800
I bought the flatbed semi trailer for the transport business, I'm very satisfied with it. I will be happy to recommend the trailer to my partners.