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6 Axle 62M Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

| 2021-07-15



1. Characteristics of extendable trailer

2. How to transport wind turbine blades?

3. How to keep transportation sale?


Characteristics of Extendable Trailers 

Three options of axle:

mechanical leaf spring suspension, hydraulic axle suspension, and airbag suspension. The hydraulic steering system minimizes the turning radius, increases the flexibility of the whole trailer.

Hydraulic modular trailers are options to replace the rear axle module, to increase payload capacity and maneuverability.

All wheels steerable.

When No-load, the telescopic beam can drawback to shorten the total length of the extendable trailer.

Extendable telescopic beam/boom protects wind turbine rotor blade from any damages or distortions during logistic, it just performed like bracket holder of the rotor blade. Please go blade trailer if you need to know more info. Sometimes we can use the 6 axle 62m extendable trailer to transport the windmill blades and transport other heavier and longer cargos.

The transportation industry has different types of vehicles and platforms that are used to meet different demands and needs. One such means of transportation used is the extendable trailer.

Just like is the case with other means of transportation, this type of trailer is suited for certain applications that would otherwise not be addressed through the use of other types of transportation platforms and/or vehicles.

Whether too long or too wide, any load can comfortably be loaded and transported using an extendable trailer towed by a tractor truck. Detailed in here is extensive information about what makes this type of trailer and where it is used.

6 axle extendable trailer , 62m extendable trailer , 6 axle 62m extendable trailer for sale in Vietnam

6 Axle 62M Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Extendable trailer and telescopic trailer for sale from China TITAN VEHICLE are widely used for long cargo transport, especially for windmill parts logistics, such as wind blade, wind tower section, and turbine. The stretchable telescopic beam could be 2 or 3 parts. Total length can reach up to 60 meters.

The extendable trailer’s original design is using the mechanical axle, just like a lowbed trailer connect with a telescopic beam to make its length adjustable, so enable the trailer to adapt to different lengths of cargos.

The telescopic beam could be mounted in other semi-trailers, giving you an extendable flatbed trailer, extendable drop deck trailer as well as extendable lowboy trailer.

6 Axle 62M Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam10 Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale

How to transport wind turbine blades?

As the blades become larger and longer, the transportation of wind turbine blades is a big problem, and it is also a technical problem that requires calculation and planning. What methods are used to transport blades safely and economically?

The longer the blade, the more difficult it is to transport and the higher the cost of transportation. With the development of road network systems, it has become more and more convenient to use professional transportation vehicles to transport blades across regions. There are Chinese wind turbines and blades, which can be transported to thousands of kilometers along the "Belt and Road" countries on highways. In some plain areas, blades can also be transported by train. There is a video on the Internet. It is spectacular to transport more than 30 blades by train at a time. Marine transport blades are a safer and more convenient solution. At present, some large offshore installation vessels can transport more than 18 blades at a time, which can greatly reduce the installation cost of offshore wind power.

The efficiency of train and ship transportation of blades is unmatched by ordinary automobile transportation. With the development of offshore wind power, blade plants are also built in or near the wind power port, with convenient transportation.

When loaded on a truck, the blade has a total length of 88.4 meters and a height of 4.47 meters. Accurate planning is essential for transportation operations, as the smallest gap when passing through a bridge tunnel may be only 3cm. The initial route survey was carried out based on the design drawings. After the blade came out, it was found that there were many adjustments. After a year of planning, it is necessary to re-plan with the police, local authorities and road management agencies to discuss planning and traffic. In this process, close cooperation of all parties is required, including the temporary removal of some guardrails and traffic signs. This is a work that requires the cooperation of a super large team.

During the transportation of the blades, there must be a safety car guide at the front and rear to prevent accidents.

6 Axle 62M Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

4 Axle 56m Extendable Trailer for Wind Turbine Blades

How to keep the transportation safe

The wind turbines are getting bigger, so the blades are becoming longer as well. So far the wind blades can reach up to 70 meters. Natural disasters affect the progress of transportation operations, causing great difficulties in transportation units. The traffic police should guard transportation in advance to avoid possible accidents during transportation. After the wind power equipment is transported to the site, the transportation and protection vehicles must be required to investigate the road conditions in advance to determine the safe traffic direction to enter the wind power site. At the same time, each vehicle is equipped with a particular vehicle commander responsible for the cars’ safe operation on-site.

6 Axle 62M Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

3 Axle Extendable Trailer

Features of rotor blade trailers

The wind blade trailer adopts the extendable structure to extend the length, and the wind blade lies flat on top of the trailer.

The significant feature of the wind blade transport semi trailer is that it is super long and has longitudinal expansion and contraction. Due to the super length of the vehicle type, the turning difficulty is significantly increased. To overcome driving on the curve, the wind blade transport vehicle is generally equipped with a hydraulic steering system, and the rear axle is fitted with a power station.

Considering the stability and the length of the windmill blade, the rear axle adopts its air suspension system, drawing and pulling the longitudinal beam freely, and has good trafficability.

The wind blade extendable trailer of the blade can be more than 60 meters long. It has three or four axle balance type, remote control power steering, and a mass balance block is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs equally and balance the force on the front and rear axles.

The bearing capacity is designed as 60 tons or more, the height of the main chassis frame is 550 mm, the width is 300 mm, the girder is buckle box type, the side beam is 250 mm I-beam, and the minimum cargo loading surface is 850mm.


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