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Truck Trailer Airbag Suspension
Truck Trailer Airbag Suspension

Truck Trailer Airbag Suspension

100 USD

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TITAN Vehicle mainly serve the heavy-duty transportation, and provide the most economical hauling solutions to customers. TITAN provide trucks, semi-trailers and parts.

SKU: Truck Trailer Airbag Suspension
GTIN: 06975766110246
MPN: TITAN9420006
Brand: TITAN


Airbag suspension is for air spring suspension of elastic element, one of the most obvious feature is the airbag type air spring. 

Air suspension has the advantages of lighter weight, safety, reliability, stability, no-noise and comfort in operation. It features in high precision manufacturing, easy installation and longer life parts, etc.


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Akugizibwe - 2021-06-21T17:06:41+0800
All is excellent, this trailer suspension is as easy to use as it says. I am very pleased with it.