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Truck Semi Trailer Brake Valve
Truck Semi Trailer Brake Valve

Truck Semi Trailer Brake Valve

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TITAN Vehicle mainly serve the heavy-duty transportation, and provide the most economical hauling solutions to customers. TITAN provide trucks, semi-trailers and parts.

SKU: Truck Semi Trailer Brake Valve
GTIN: 06975766110185
MPN: TITAN9420009
Brand: TITAN


Brake valve is used to control the braking of trucks or semi-trailers. It is suitable for trailers with dual-line brake system, and parking or emergency brakes are air-braking brakes. It has the function of automatically causing the trailer brake when the control pipe connection of the trailer brake system is broken or leaking.


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Tapiwanashe - 2021-06-21T17:06:22+0800
TITAN Vehicle’s service is excellent and I would highly recommend them.