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TITAN 20 ft Container Chassis Trailer Feedback from South America

TITAN VEHICLE | 2023-07-20

TITAN 20 ft Container Chassis Trailer for Sale In South America

The South America customer received TITAN 20 ft container chassis trailer, the customer is very satisfied, it looks stronger than the picture, and the paint is also very beautiful. He said that he will use it to work in the future, and he looks forward to its performance and trusts us very much.

20 ft container chassis trailer is a type of semi trailer that transports 20 ft container. They are commonly used to transport items such as heavy equipment, construction materials, steel, lumber, large containers and more.

The 20 ft container chassis trailer is the main structure of the body, which is welded by rectangular steel pipes, which can support the container and maintain its stability. The pallet is the platform under the frame that supports and connects the wheels, braking system and suspension system.

20 ft container chassis trailer are commonly used for long-distance freight and short-distance transport between ocean ports to quickly and safely transfer goods from one place to another.

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