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How To Choose 3 Axle Semi Side Tipper Trailer?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-10-15

In the purchase of a 3 axle semi side tipper trailer,  it is necessary to pay attention to several key stress points, such as diagonal brace point, suspension plate bar, subframe, etc. At the same time in welders, materials and other aspects are also more particular. In addition, the selection of hydraulic top should also pay attention to. Nowadays, under the condition of standard loading, our factory generally chooses 6 110mm lifting cylinders and a 130mm displacement cylinder for the 13m vehicle length, HYVA brand with more reliable quality.

The quality of the semi side tipper trailer is very important to the safety of driving. Therefore, when buying a vehicle, do not try to be cheap. Pay more attention to the structure of the product, workmanship and the quality of parts, so as to choose a more durable trailer.

The most important part of the 3 axle semi side tipper trailer is the specifications of the frame, hydraulic system and diagonal brace. When purchasing the 3 axle semi side tipper trailer, users must pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the beam. Try to choose famous brands for the hydraulic jack and pay attention to the diagonal brace. Factory welder and reinforcement.

34 Ton Side Tipper Truck Trailer for Sale Manufacturer34 Ton Side Tipper Truck Trailer for Sale Manufacturer

1. The specifications of the girders:

Due to the uneven forces on the 3 axle semi side tipper trailer, the higher requirements for the load-carrying capacity of the beam are self-evident. The beam is self-evident for a trailer. For a semi side tipper trailer, the beam is generally higher than that of a van of the same load. The girders should be larger in size.

On flat roads, there is a subframe, and the force on the girder is the same as that of an ordinary van, but when it rolls over, the force on the girder is uneven.

The cargo that 34 Ton semi side tipper trailer pulls is generally heavy cargo such as steel, stones, coal, etc., which also requires the high load-bearing capacity of the girders.

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2. The number of hydraulic jacks depends on the tonnage and the support must be firm

The hydraulic jack is an important part of the 34 ton semi side tipper trailer. According to the different deadweight tonnage, there are generally several diameters such as 110, 125, 130, 150, etc. The general standard load is not more than 60 tons. 110 5+1 (5 lifts) Lifting cylinder, a displacement cylinder) or 130 5+1; heavy load 80 tons-120 tons generally use 6+1 or 7+1 150 cylinder. The displacement top generally uses 160 or 180 cylinders.

The brand that is used more is Hyva, and the quality and service are better.

The hydraulic roof support carries a large part of the weight of the cargo when it is lifted, and the firmness of the support is very important. The shaft at the joint of the hydraulic jack and the sub-frame should be well protected, otherwise, it is easy to bend.

Details of 3 Axle Semi Side Tipper Trailer for SaleDetails of 3 Axle Semi Side Tipper Trailer for Sale

3. Diagonal bracing reinforcement is very important and the more fulcrums, the higher the reliability

Diagonal bracing, when it rolls over, most of the weight of the cargo is borne by diagonal bracing. Therefore, the firmness of diagonal bracing is very important. Once the diagonal brace has a problem, it will easily cause a rollover accident. Therefore, the reinforcement of the diagonal brace is very important. In the picture above, one support point has 6 channel steel reinforcements.

The number of diagonal braces should be reasonable. Of course, the more the better, the more rollover braces, the smaller the force that each pivot can bear, and the higher the reliability. Generally, there are 5 pivots for 13m rollover and 6 for 15m. individual. Pay attention to the rotating bracket at the top of the diagonal brace. The pin should be pulled out when it rolls over. If the design here is unreasonable, it will be easy to pull out if it is bent a little, which will affect the unloading.

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