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Causes and safety measures of fuel tanker trailer accidents

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-06-01


As a means of transporting dangerous goods, fuel tanker trailer often has many large-scale events. TITAN tanker trailer adopt advanced design concept. We can customized the tankers for you according to your request. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition. This  distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.

Therefore, safety measures must be put in place in daily life. Perhaps a small action can avoid the above disasters. Today,  we will popularize the knowledge of accident prevention of fuel tanker truck trailer:


Petrol fuel tanker trailer should have the following basic conditions:

1. The relevant certificates such as the vehicle driving license and the hazardous chemicals permit are complete.

2. The actual loading capacity shall not be greater than the approved loading capacity.

3. The tank body and accessories are good and effective, with no damage or deformation affecting the strength, no serious corrosion, and no leakage. The diesel fuel trailer is qualified by the qualified inspection department.

4. The tank body must be provided with an electrostatic grounding terminal, and an obvious mark is painted on the terminal; install a conductive rubber towing zone, and keep it on the ground after filling with oil.

5. Equipped with two dry powder fire extinguishers over 4 kg, the location should be reasonable and easy to use.

6. Install an effective fire cap on the exhaust pipe, and the circuit system should have a device for cutting off the main power supply.


Aluminum alloy tanker trailer vs fuel tanker trailer

Aluminum alloy tanker trailer vs fuel tanker trailer


Safety measures of accident prevention for fuel tanker trailer:

First of all, the oil loading equipment does not meet the specifications, equipment failure, oil leakage, electrostatic discharge and human misuse are the main reasons for the fuel tanker fire. According to the experience and lessons, the following aspects should be taken into consideration to ensure the safety of oil filling in aluminum steel fuel tanker trailers.


1. Strictly abide by the operating regulations:

Don't relax your vigilance because of good grounding. Electrostatic grounding can only conduct static electricity on "conductors" (metals, human bodies, conductive liquids, etc.) that are closely connected to it. Static charge is helpless or difficult to remove in a short time;

Therefore, while electrostatically grounding, the operator should strictly follow the operating procedures and pay attention to the hidden dangers that may arise at any time, and at the same time master the emergency methods and rescue measures for correctly handling various emergencies.

Therefore, while electrostatically grounding, the operator should strictly follow the operating procedures and pay attention to the hidden dangers that may arise at any time, and at the same time master the emergency methods and rescue measures for correctly handling various emergencies.


2. Prevent static electricity hazards

Connect the ground wire before filling the oil, and often check its intact condition. We also need to pay attention to whether the grounding resistance meets the anti-static standard.

The crane pipe must reach the bottom of the petrol tanker trailer when filling oil, the pipe mouth should be kept at about 15cm from the bottom of the tank, and the initial filling speed should be strictly controlled within 1m/s, until the oil outlet is submerged, then gradually increase the flow rate, but The maximum flow velocity should not exceed 4.5m / s to prevent electrostatic accidents caused by spraying;

After the oil filling is completed, the ground must be disconnected after 5 minutes of oil stabilization. Because after the oil is installed, the oil surface potential will remain for several minutes because the oil flows in the tank.


Fuel tanker trailer factory

Fuel tanker trailer production machine in factory


3. Regular inspection of safety equipment

Equipment that meets technical specifications and safety requirements must be used. The automatic control, remote control, measuring instruments, valves and other equipment of the oil delivery station must be regularly inspected and calibrated, and related management systems should be formulated, especially the material of the oil delivery equipment cannot be underestimated. It is strictly forbidden to use non-conductive polyethylene hoses as oil pipelines for oil delivery crane pipes, and it is strictly forbidden to use plastic containers when handling oil products. The above are the most basic safety common sense

At the same time, the static grounding device can not be made up, and it is necessary to strictly follow the specifications, install it carefully, and check it regularly. For the current commonly used clamps and magnetic joints to be grounded, they should not be randomly clamped or adsorbed on any part of the diesel tanker trailer for sale, even on the painted surface. This is extremely detrimental to anti-static, but also a big hidden danger.


4. Pay attention to the details of wearing clothing

Prevent people from being charged. During loading and unloading operations, the human body must be in contact with work objects and work objects to produce friction, which is very easy to generate static electricity and may form electrostatic discharge.An explosion will occur. 

The operator must wear anti-static work clothes and anti-static shoes during the operation, the purpose of which is to ground the human body. In addition, the shoes worn should be thin nylon socks or other conductive socks. It is strictly prohibited to paste insulating film on the antistatic soles, and regular inspections should be made.


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