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Chile Customers Use Extendable Blade Trailer to Transport Wind Blades

TITAN VEHICLE | 2022-05-16

Wind Blade Trailer

Chile customers are using extendable wind blade trailers to transport wind blades. The client has already made a profit on this project. The customer indicated that next year's project may still need the extendable semi-trailer, and will continue to buy it at TITAN at that time.

Offshore wind turbine blade transport trailer, suitable for long-distance transportation of offshore wind turbine blades between 76-90 meters, blade tonnage 25-45 tons, offshore blades are relatively high and heavier, requiring hydraulic axis structure, single beam drawing, rear flap structure, The vehicle needs to turn and lift, features large turning angle, strong bearing capacity of the rear pivot, low cargo platform height.

The extendable beam feature is designed to allow for elongation to cater to different transportation needs. For the length of the extendable trailer needed, tough and strong materials with a yield strength of at least 460 MPa are used. This makes sure that the beam doesn’t sag during operations. The windmill blade trailer can be adjusted to the desired length to take up the task at hand.