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Flatbed semi trailer buying guide - How to choose a qualified leaf spring?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-04-08


Everyone will inevitably need maintenance and replacement parts during the use of the flatbed semi trailer. In the selection and purchase of trailer parts, customers often worry about accidentally buying fake and inferior leaf springs and inappropriate leaf springs. So, how to choose qualified truck and trailer leaf springs?


Today, I will briefly introduce some tips for selecting leaf springs:


1. Whether the model is suitable.

Most automotive leaf springs have specified models and technical parameters. When buying a car leaf spring, pay attention to the model.


2. Whether the trademark logo is complete.

The outer packaging of the authentic product is of good quality. The handwriting on the box is clear and the overprint is bright. Generally, it is equipped with instruction manual, certificate and inspector’s chapter to guide users to use and maintain correctly. When buying, you should recognize it carefully to prevent buying fake and shoddy products.


Flatbed semi trailer buying guide - How to choose a qualified leaf spring?

TITAN 3 axle flatbed trailer with leaf spring


3. Whether the geometry is deformed.

Some parts are prone to deformation due to improper manufacturing, transportation, and storage. Damages or cracks often occur at the joints, which affects the use of automotive leaf springs.


4. Whether the protective surface is intact.

Most semi trailer leaf springs are coated at the factory. If you find that the sealing sleeve is damaged, the packaging paper is lost, or the anti-rust oil or paraffin is lost during the purchase, it should be returned as required.


5. Look at the surface of the trailer leaf spring for rust.

Qualified trailer leaf spring surfaces have both a certain degree of accuracy and a shiny finish. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing. If you find that the trailer leaf spring has rust spots, mildew spots or cracked rubber parts, loss of elasticity, or surface The cutting tool lines are obvious and should be replaced.


Flatbed semi trailer buying guide - How to choose a qualified leaf spring?

TITAN 4 axle flatbed trailer with front wall


6. Check for missing parts of the automobile leaf spring assembly.

Regular assembly components must be complete and intact to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If individual small parts on some assembly parts are missed, the assembly parts will not work or even be scrapped.


7. Are there any loose parts of the trailer leaf spring?

For accessories made up of two or more parts, the parts are formed by press-fitting, gluing or welding, and no looseness is allowed between them. If looseness is found during purchase, it should be replaced upon request.


Leaf springs play a good role in cushioning and shock absorption when we are driving, which is also a necessary component of semi-trailers. Therefore, you should pay attention to this problem when purchasing a flatbed semi trailer.



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