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Fuel tanker trailer manufacturers answer 5 questions about fuel tanker for sale

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-07-14


1. What is a Fuel Tanker Trailer?

Fuel tanker, also known as fuel tank trailer, oil tanker trailer or monoblock trailer, are specialised vehicles which transport liquid fuels. These fuel tankers are designed specifically to contain and safely transport fuels like petrol, diesel and even heavy fuel oil (HFO). Many different types of tankers exist as each type caters to the fuel they transport.

Fuel tanker trailer manufacturer - TITAN adopt advanced design concept. TITAN can customized the tankers for you according to your request. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition. This  distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.


Fuel tanker trailer manufacturers - TITAN 3 axle fuel tanker for sale


2. What are the different types of fuel tanker for sale?

Tanker trucks can be semis that carry tankers, or straight trucks. They vary in size, structure and load capacity. Large tankers often carry out the heavy-duty loads, like transporting huge quantities of fuel to petrol stations. Smaller tankers are used to transport fuel like liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or liquid propane. 

Depending on their cargo, these fuel tankers can be constructed from materials like aluminium, stainless steel, or carbon steel. These trailers can also transport liquid materials like milk, sewerage and asphalt, as well as chemicals.

And Tanks can be rectangular, but more often are designed elliptically because this shape ensures high capacity, a low centre of gravity and helps control the movement of the liquid within the tank.

Stainless steel VS carbon steel fuel tanker trailer


3. Why do fuel tankers have several compartments?

The efficiency principle: A trailer with different compartment can transport different kinds of liquid at the same time. This reduces the transportation cost and saves fuel because the trips are reduced to one.

Transporting each liquid in a different tanker is more expensive and inefficient. Trailers with multiple compartments can transport different grades of gasoline in one trip. A service station can receive all the products needed in just one trip.

To ensure stability: A liquid fluctuates to all directions in the tank when the trailer is running on a slope. If the fuel tanker trailer has a large capacity, the fluctuations will cause major changes in the center of mass.

This, in turn, will cause major changes of the axle load, which affect the stability of the truck and trailer. The instability may cause the trailer to jackknife or rollover. Using a multi-compartment model reduces the changes of the axle load and hence keeps the trailer stable.



4. How does a fuel tanker work?

Fuel tankers use highly technical equipment to ensure the process of loading, transporting and offloading the fuel product is as safe and wasteless as possible. Many fuel tankers are fitted with special devices that read the quantity of fuel being loaded, control pressure, and even regulate temperature!  

A specific type of hose is used during the process of loading and offloading the fuel. These hoses are designed to fit the opening on the tankers and usually have gaskets and seals in place to reduce and limit the amount of potential spilling. During the loading process, the vapour of the fuel is carefully monitored as these gases are highly flammable. Once loaded, the trucks are secured for travel and can head off to their destination, which is fitted with the same type of hose to properly offload the fuel.


5. How much fuel does a tanker hold?

Fuel tanker trailer manufacturers - TITAN can be designed in different capacities: 30 cubics, 40 cubics, 50 cubics, etc. To carry 40,000 litres, 45,000 litres, 54,000 litres, up to 90,000 litres of liquid.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of fuel tanker semi trailers (like 3 axle fuel tanker, 4 axle storage tanker trailer, stainless steel tanker trailer, acid tanker trailer, fuel tanker with flatbed trailer, fuel tank Full trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


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