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Modular Trailer for Sale | Main Components and Specs of SPMT

TITAN Modular Trailer | 2021-05-26


1. The specs of modular trailers

2. Main components of modular trailer

3. Reasons why equipment may fall from modular trailer


1. The specs of modular trailers

The modular trailers come in different modular trailers that include 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 axle models. The maximum load per axle is up to 40 tons. A larger number of axle lines means that the modular trailer has a higher loading capacity.

Before production, TITAN technical department must first design and produce drawings according to the needs of the user and the market, so that the technical parameters of the main trailer are matched, and then transferred to the manufacturing department. You can learn more details of this modular trailer in the pictures.

Modular Trailer for Sale  Main Components and Specs of SPMTModular trailer for sale drawing


2. Main components of modular trailer

1. Frame

The main beam of frame has a box-type carrying beam structure. The girder uses high-performance welding steel to ensure stability and reliability. The box-shaped center beam and the stable crossbeams give the frame a high degree of rigidity. Hence, the frame can achieve its optimal loading level.

2. Hydraulic wheel bogie

The modular trailer use a hydraulic wheel bogie, which consists of the bogie frame, hydraulic cylinder, axle, tyre, and rocker arm. It has a strong load capacity.

When the road is uneven on the transverse direction, the axle swings to compensate. If the road is uneven in the driving direction, the hydraulic lifting system adjusts the modular supporting system.

3. The mechanism of steering

The steering mechanism consists of the steering central panel, steering orifice plate, steering cylinders, and steering rods. The steering orifice plate is welded together with the bogie frame.

The plate has specific quantities of assembling holes that are used to install steering rods. The positions where steering rods are installed on the steering orifice plate can be changed to suit different combination modes of the hydraulic modular trailer. The unit can meet the minimum steering radius and the maximum turning angle of 55 degrees.


Modular Trailer for Sale | Main Components and Specs of SPMT

Details of Modular Trailer for Sale


4. Hydraulic system

The pump in a modular transporter uses the hydraulic technique, which is effective in controlling the driving speed. The steering and suspension pumps use the constant pressure controller to realize a quick response whenever they need steering power.

5. Brake system

The modular trailer is equipped with a compressed air brake system. The system consists of double brake chambers, single brake chambers, relay valves, brake drums, and reservoirs. The brake system consists of tow brake lines that function as the service brake and the parking brake.

6. Lifting system

The total lifting length of modular unit’s platform is modular trailer lifting600mm. The platform gives a compensation of ±300mm, which is enough compensation for the axial load.

7. Combination system

All modular trailers can be combined side-by-side or from end-by-end.  A hydraulic link-pin is used to combine modular units end-by-end.

Combining hydraulic and brake pipeline requires fast coupling connectors, which have a high performance level. The electric interfaces use a heavy connector, which is reliable.


Modular Trailer for Sale | Main Components and Specs of SPMT


3. Reasons why equipment may fall from modular trailer

The hydraulic modular trailer stability is important when transporting heavy cargo for various reasons. 

1. Most of the accidents are caused by human error and not mechanical failure. When handlers are not properly trained, they do not load the cargo properly on the hydraulic multi axle trailer.

2. Each modular transporter trailer has a maximum loading capacity. The manufacturer specifies this loading capacity. Loading hydraulic multi axle trailer with an equipment or cargo that exceeds this capacity will cause it to topple off the platform.

3. Another reason is loading equipment that is too tall for the modular trailer platform. Tall equipment requires a wide surface to stay balanced on the road. Hence, the best way to transport such cargo is couple several SPMTs to accommodate the weight of the equipment.


This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.



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