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Tri Axle Semi Tipper Trailer Unloading Coal in Tanzania

TITAN VEHICLE | 2022-05-25

Semi Tipper Trailer

When unloading, the front of the truck and semi tipper trailer must be straight, level, and slowly lift.

Pay attention to 4 points when unloading and unloading, 

1: The unloading road is firm and smooth.

2: The tire pressure is normal.

3: The lift should not be fast or slow.

4: The front of the back dump truck and the trailer must be straight and level! Truck drivers pay attention to safe operation when lifting!

Semi tipper trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk goods such as coal, ore, building materials, etc.

The carriage adopts the dumping or dumping method, which can effectively improve the transportation efficiency of loading bulk loaders.

The frame and vertical beam of the trolley are welded with high-quality manganese steel, and the cargo box has two types: dustpan and rectangle. It has the characteristics of high strength, strong lifting force, excellent rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.

The main components are processed with advanced equipment, the vertical beams are fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the axles and leaf springs are precisely assembled by assemblers.

Other light and medium-duty regular semi tipper trailer for road transport are mainly responsible for transporting incoherent cargo such as sand, soil and coal, usually in conjunction with loaders.