The importance of steel materials to tri axle trailers

TITAN Flatbed Trailer | 2020-12-17
The importance of steel materials to tri axle trailers


Steel Material of tri axle trailer

The entire body of the tri axle trailer is welded with different specifications of steel plates and other raw materials, so the quality of the steel plate determines the final quality of the product, and the quality of the raw materials is indeed guarded by us.

I am an ordinary raw material warehouse keeper, dealing with raw materials of different specifications every day. As a TITAN raw material warehouse keeper, the first step in controlling 40 ft flatbed trailer production is to protect these raw materials. In fact, We have a set of standards to control the receipt, placement, and transshipment of raw materials. Let me show you the following.


Tri Axle Trailer for Sale | TITAN 40 Ft Flatbed Trailer Use the Best Steel Material

Tri axle trailer steel materials


First of all, after the steel materials arrive at the factory, in order to ensure that the raw materials are not damaged, we use different special spreaders to unload different materials. Take the galvanized cold plate as an example. Its material surface is relatively smooth. If the spreader is slightly careless when hoisting, the spreader will loosen and cause the sheet to fall off and cause damage to the sheet. In addition, the thickness of galvanized steel is only 1.4mm, the board surface bends a lot during the unloading process, which is extremely easy to cause edge deformation. In order to overcome the above problems, we specifically contacted the manufacturer to make improvements on the sheet packaging, such as laying a wooden frame under the sheet for packaging and transportation, etc., and customized a new type of spreader to ensure that the entire board is flat during unloading. State, avoid bending deformation, for the purpose of safe unloading.

Secondly, in terms of storage, we personally designed and welded a special sheet material display rack. After the raw materials are directly unloaded, they are hoisted on the rack with a spreader to ensure the flat and safe storage of the raw materials in the warehouse; TITAN adheres to the first-in first-out principle to avoid The raw materials are rusted and deformed due to the long storage time, which causes quality problems; we will also clean the warehouse regularly to ensure that the warehouse is clean and tidy.

Finally, we have also taken measures in terms of transfer. We have customized a variety of transfer racks. When the raw materials are online, we will put the raw materials on the transfer racks and use the transfer racks to transfer them, in order to avoid sheets and racks during the transfer process. In the event of a collision, I also deliberately added a limit and protection on the transfer rack, the purpose is to reduce the secondary damage to the raw materials during the transfer process, and avoid the occurrence of quality problems caused by the damage of the raw materials.


Tri Axle Trailer for Sale | TITAN 40 Ft Flatbed Trailer Use the Best Steel Material

TITAN 40 ft flatbed trailer main frame and steel material


Main Parts of Tri Axle Trailer

1. Suspension of flatbed trailer for sale

Steel plate suspension is our common leaf spring, its full name is series-connected leaf spring balance suspension. It is mainly composed of leaf springs, suspension bearings (commonly known as lifting lugs), connecting rods, U-bolts and other parts. The longitudinal force of the car body falls directly on an axle. The biggest advantage of this kind of suspension is low price, good reliability and easy maintenance. At present, more than 80% of ordinary flat deck trailer in China use leaf spring balanced suspension.

The most obvious feature of tri axle trailer for sale air suspension is its airbag-type air spring. The 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale air spring itself is relatively light in weight, the friction of the air medium in the airbag is small, there is almost no noise during operation, and its life is 2-3 times that of leaf springs. However, when an air spring is used, a rod system that can transmit various forces and moments other than the vertical force must be provided, so the suspension structure is complicated; in addition, the air spring has strict requirements for sealing, and its cost is also high.


2. Flatbed Trailer support device

Commonly known as outrigger. Using the principle of "standing timber jacking", it is located at the front end of the tri axle flatbed trailer for sale frame for use after the flatbed semi trailer is separated from the tractor. Classification of outriggers: Single-acting outriggers are operated separately on both sides, there are two cranks, and each gear has a car gearbox.

Linked outriggers are made from both sides while operating. There is only one crank, which is composed of one gearbox and one without.

The main components of the outrigger are two-speed gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, drive screw, and the support plate. The structure is very simple and the function is very important.


Tri Axle Trailer for Sale | TITAN 40 Ft Flatbed Trailer Use the Best Steel Material

TITAN tri axle trailer for sale details


3. Truck Trailer Kingpin of 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale 

The 90 # traction pin represents the diameter of the traction pin is 90mm, and the material is mainly chromium alloy. The flatbed trailers for sale near me and the tractor are all connected by it. It is connected to the traction seat of the main vehicle and also bears all the traction. It is an important component.

At present, the traction pins on the market are mainly divided into 4 types, assembly 50, assembly 90, welding 50, welding 90, users should choose according to different models and actual use.


4. Braking system

Brake air chambers are round metal containers, located at each wheel, where compressed air is converted into mechanical force to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle.

Brake valve is used to control the braking of trucks or tri axle flatbed trailer. It is suitable for flatbed tri axle trailer with dual-line brake system, and parking or emergency brakes are air-braking brakes. It has the function of automatically causing the 40 ft flatbed trailer brake when the control pipe connection of the trailer brake system is broken or leaking.


Through this video below, you can learn about different types of flatbed semi trailer,such as 2 axle,3 axle,4 axle, flatbed etc.

As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

flatbed trailers video


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