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Lowbed Semi Trailer

80 Ton 4 Axle Low Bed Trailer with Hydraulic Ramp


4 Axle lowbed trailers with hydraulic ramp are designed specifically to transport heavy and oversized equipment, such as construction machinery and vehicles. The 4 Axle lowbed trailers with hydraulic ramp  has a lowered deck height which allows for taller cargo to be transported while still maintaining legal height limits.

The hydraulic ramp is an important feature that enables the cargo to be easily loaded and unloaded onto the trailer.

This type of ramp is operated by hydraulic cylinders, which typically have a high weight capacity and can lift heavy equipment with ease. The ramp can also be adjusted to different angles depending on the cargo being transported, making it a versatile tool for transporting a variety of different types of equipment. Overall, the design of a lowbed trailer with a hydraulic ramp makes it an ideal choice for safely and efficiently transporting large and heavy equipment.

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