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Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer for Sale - Related Technology of the Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer

| 2021-06-11



1. Overall structure of hydraulic gooseneck trailer

2. Description of the related technology

3. Summary of the hydraulic gooseneck trailer


Overall structure of hydraulic gooseneck trailer

The characteristics of the hydraulic gooseneck are as follows:

(1) The use of the gun-car structure can significantly reduce the unevenness of the load on each wheel and make the load distribution reasonable.

(2) The body adopts a retractable structure, which can adjust the length of the body according to the change of the tank body length, and expand the scope of transportation of goods. Among them, the cargo platform can be raised by 300 InlTl from the lowest ground height, that is, when loading and unloading, the cargo platform 5 is in contact with the ground. At this time, operating the tank body can effectively reduce the deformation of the frame. After the tank body is installed, the tank body and the cargo platform are tied together with a wire rope. In this way, the rigidity of the tank body can be used during the transportation process, thereby reducing the installation of the cargo platform. 

(3) The cargo platform has the function of lifting. The lifting of the front part is realized by controlling the gooseneck part, and the lifting of the rear part is realized by the rear module. In the design process of the trailer, because the gooseneck is responsible for traction. With multiple functions such as lifting and connecting, how to achieve the above functions and meet the requirements of strength and rigidity has become the focus of this vehicle.

hydraulic gooseneck trailer

3 Axle 60ton Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer for Sale

Structural analysis of the gooseneck

The gooseneck part is composed of a traction pin, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a pin shaft connected with the cargo platform, an eccentric block for fixing the position of the gooseneck, and a gooseneck. The gooseneck part is connected to the cargo platform by articulation, and a pair of lifting hydraulic cylinders are installed between the gooseneck and the cargo platform, which are driven by the hydraulic cylinder to realize the raising and lowering of the cargo platform. After the cargo platform is raised or lowered, the position of the gooseneck and the cargo platform is fixed by an eccentric device. The eccentric device is welded by 16 Mn steel plate and steel pipe. It is installed in the hollow part of the gooseneck web and is connected to the gooseneck through a pin. The eccentric device has 2 plane positions through which it is in contact with the upper surface of the cargo platform. The lower position is the lowest position of the trailer, that is, the cargo platform is in contact with the ground; when the cargo platform is raised, under the action of gravity, the right plane.

Turning to the bottom, the oil pressure can be unloaded at this time, and the load is completely carried by the eccentric device. This position corresponds to the highest cargo platform location, that is, the location in transit.

hydraulic gooseneck trailer

The gooseneck can be detached from the whole hydraulic gooseneck trailer

Mechanical analysis of gooseneck

During the transportation of the trailer, the force on the gooseneck is more complicated. In combination, there are the supporting reaction force at the traction pin, the supporting reaction force of the eccentric device, the supporting reaction force at the hinge joint between the gooseneck and the cargo platform, the gravity of the gooseneck Friction at the point of contact. Since the gravity of the gooseneck has a small value compared with other forces, the influence of gravity is ignored; at the same time, the influence of friction at each contact is ignored. Only the influence of the support reaction force at the traction pin, the support reaction force of the eccentric device, and the support reaction force at the hinge joint between the gooseneck and the cargo platform are considered. Among them, the direction of the support reaction force of the eccentric device to the gooseneck is perpendicular to the cargo platform. According to the principle of three-force balance and the balance of the whole vehicle, the support reaction force acting on the hinge joint of the gooseneck and the cargo platform can be calculated. The horizontal force It is 500 kN, and the vertical downward force is 4 000 kN.

hydraulic gooseneck trailer

More details of the hydraulic gooseneck trailer

Description of the related technology

Heavy equipment hauling can be difficult and time consuming. While several different types of trailers can be used to haul heavy equipment, removable gooseneck trailers provide many advantages. For example, these trailers drop near the ground in the middle of the trailer, allowing heavy equipment to be held lower to the ground. This gives users more height to work with, helping to avoid issues with height permits and constraints. 

Removable hydraulic gooseneck trailers allow for a raised portion (or gooseneck) attached at one end of the trailer to detach from the trailer. After the gooseneck is detached, large pieces of equipment can be more easily moved onto the trailer as the middle of the trailer sits near the ground. After the equipment is loaded, the gooseneck can be reattached and the equipment secured in place. This simplifies the process of loading and unloading. 

The process of detaching the gooseneck from the trailer can be cumbersome and dangerous. For example, when a tractor engages with the gooseneck trailer when it is detached from the trailer, the shape of the gooseneck can create a large gap between the tractor and the gooseneck near the back of the tractor. Without additional support, gravity forces the gooseneck to either fall off the tractor or severely bounce up and down, causing damage to the gooseneck. To compensate for this gap, objects such as a block of wood have been placed between the tractor and the gooseneck. However, this does not provide a secure support. Often, the gooseneck will still shift and bounce, especially when the tractor turns or changes speed. In some cases, the gooseneck will even fall off the tractor. Additionally, placing objects between the gooseneck and tractor requires a user to crawl underneath them, creating a dangerous situation and forcing the user into uncomfortable positions. 

Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer for Sale - Related Technology of the Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer

3/4 axle/3 line 6 axle 60/80/100/120/150ton hydraulic gooseneck trailer

Summary of the hydraulic gooseneck trailer

The gooseneck can be removably connected to the trailer, and the support structure can be configured to abut against a tractor such that it supports the gooseneck when it is disconnected from the trailer. The tractor can then drive away safely, pulling only the gooseneck, with the support structure securely support-ing it and preventing it from falling off the tractor and/or bouncing and sliding. This configuration also allows large equipment to more easily be moved onto the hydraulic gooseneck trailer, which sits on or near the ground when it is disengaged from the rest of the system. One embodiment described in comprises a trailer support structure comprising at least one support arm configured to be pivotably connected to a frame and a crossbar horizontally connected to the at least one support arm. lie at least one support arm can be configured to pivot between a retracted position and at least one deployed position.

Another embodiment described in the article comprises a gooseneck trailer system comprising a gooseneck which itself comprises a frame, a support struc-ture connected to the frame, and an adjuster for moving the support structure between a retracted position and at least one deployed position. One embodiment of a method for using a trailer system described comprises posi-tioning a tractor such that the tractor engages with a goose-neck and adjusting an adjuster to move a support structure to a deployed position and, if necessary, moving the tractor such that the support structure abuts against a ramp portion of the tractor, wherein the support structure is connected to a frame of the gooseneck and the adjuster is located on the frame. 


You can download video, you can learn about different types of removable gooseneck trailers (like 60ton/80ton/100ton/120ton/150ton detachable hydraulic gooseneck trailer). And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.