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2 axle tipping container trailer
2 axle tipping container trailer

2 axle tipping container trailer

17500 USD

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TITAN skeletal trailer is mainly used to transport container, it mainly used in docks, ports and other places.we have 40ft container chassis ,20ft skeletal trailer ,terminal skeleton trailer ,container tipper chassis for sale

SKU: 2 axle tipping container trailer
GTIN: 6975766110741
MPN: TITAN9407089
Brand: TITAN

Product Description:

TITAN tipping container trailer is used for transport container, this trailer is mainly used to docks, ports and other place. 

40 foot skeleton container trailer can carry one 40 foot container or two 20 foot container, the loading capacity between 40 tons to 60 tons. 

TITAN production the tipping container trailer not only saves time, effectively improves transportation efficiency, but also saves labor costs. 

2 axle tipping container trailer

2 axle tipping container trailer



1.Light dead weight , strong frame structure ;

2.Container lock with secondary lock mechanism ;

3.High tensile steel and bolted type king pin plate ;

4.Double brake chambers makes a performance braking effects .



Overall L*W*H: 7,000mm*2,490mm*1,550mm

Load weight: 40 tons ~60 tons

Axles: 2x13 tons / 14 tons / 15 tons /16tons / 20 tons

Tire: 12R22.5

Landing gear: JOST or equivalent with a lift capacity 28 tons

Kingpin: 50(2inch)#or 90(3.5inch)# bolted type

Suspension: Airbag / Mechanical / bogie suspenion

Brake system: Wabco

Electric system: 24V / 12V + LED lights

Container locks: 4 pcs

Accessory: spare tire carrie + tool box

Remark: we can supply different specification for different road condition


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Misheck Vurumundu - 2021-06-21T17:06:30+0800
I have made some transport business with the 80 ton dump trailer, and everything is as expected. It is very nice, thanks William