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Wind Turbine Trailer
Wind Turbine Trailer

Wind Turbine Trailer

100000 USD

Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.


The Wind Turbine Trailer has a tower adapter to its structure. The tower can be fixed on the two sides of adaptors.

SKU: Wind Turbine Trailer
GTIN: 6975766110925
MPN: TITAN9411018
Brand: TITAN

Wind Turbine Trailer Near Me Product Description:

Wind Turbine Trailer is mainly used to carry windmill towers and not to carry other types of loads. It is better to rent rather than buy, especially when you have other types of goods to transport.

Wind Turbine Trailer Near Me in Vietnam

Wind Turbine Trailer Near Me in Vietnam



Brand: TITAN 3 Line 6 Axle Wind Tower Adapter Trailer

Dimension: 16250mm*3700mm*5000mm

Transport: 80m, 121-156 model windmill blades

Loading capacity: 23.5 Tons

Axle: 3 lines 6 axles

Max rotation angle: 360°


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Enoch - 2021-06-21T14:06:11+0800
Wind Turbine Trailer is very convenient to transport wind turbine blades to the top of the mountains.