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TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-10-15
In the purchase of a 3 axle semi side tipper trailer,  it is necessary to pay attention to several key stress points, such as diagonal brace point, suspension plate bar, subframe, etc. At the same time in welders, materials and other aspects are also more particular. In addition, the selection of hydraulic top should also pay attention to. Nowadays, under the condition of standard loading, our factory generally chooses 6 110mm lifting cylinders and a 130mm displacement cylinder for the 13m vehicle le......
TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-09-03
  Bitumen tank trailer is known as asphalt tank truck trailer, pitch tank trailer, bitumen tanker trailer. Asphalt tank trailer is composed of automobile chassis, asphalt tank, asphalt pumping and spraying system, heat transfer oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system, and operating platform. Bitumen tank trailer is used to transport liquids asphalt from oil refinery and wharf to asphalt storage depot, also transport asphalt from asphalt storage depot ......
| 2021-07-15
    1. Characteristics of extendable trailer 2. How to transport wind turbine blades? 3. How to keep transportation sale?   Characteristics of Extendable Trailers  Three options of axle: mechanical leaf spring suspension, hydraulic axle suspension, and airbag suspension. The hydraulic steering system minimizes the turning radius, increases the flexibility of the whole trailer. Hydraulic modular trailers are options to replace the rear axle module, to increase payload capacity and mane......
TITAN Truck Trailer | 2021-07-14
  1. What is a fence truck trailer? 2. Details of fence cargo truck trailer 3. Production process of fence semi trailer in TITAN factory 4. Fence cargo truck trailer price & video   1. What is a fence truck trailer? The fence truck trailer use to load a wide range of products and materials, like sand, bags, poultry, vegetables, fruits, clothes, appliances, and other daily necessities. Also the some bulk cargo, very widely used in the transportation industry. Fence cargo trailers can also be ......
TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-07-06
  1. Container Side Loading Trailer Accessories 2. The Main Types of Paint Craftsmanship for Container Side Loading Trailer. 3. Connection of tractor and Container Side Loading Trailer   Container Side Loading Trailer Accessories 1. Truck Trailer King pin The 90 # traction pin represents the diameter of the traction pin is 90mm, and the material is mainly chromium alloy. The container side loading and the tractor are all connected by it. It is connected to the traction seat of the main vehi......

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