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Skeleton Semi Trailer

TITAN 2 axle shipping container trailer uses polyurethane paint, high adhesion, high chroma, beautiful color.
The TITAN range of 40 ft container chassis for sale near me has been specifically designed for rigorous wharf work throughout Africa. We offer our customers many different options to suit their needs.
The tri axle skeletal trailer for sale is an economically feasible and practical trailer to use. This is an invention that offers a truck chassis for loading and offloading high weight containers without much effort.
40ft skeleton trailer for sale is designed for maritime container and sea freight transport tasks and combine both safe and rapid container handling.
Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.   40ft Container Chassis Trailer for Sale has a key role to play in the multimodal transport system. Various shipment options, require the use of a 40ft Container Chassis Trailer.
TITAN skel trailer can be customized to 20ft/40ft/45ft. We also provide customers with different options.
Container trailer chassis manufacturers - TITAN 45 ft bomb cart trailer is designed and manufactured to transport 1x20ft , 2x20ft , 1x40ft ,1x45ft container within port terminal areas. 
Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.   The 2 Axle Tipping Chassis Trailer for Sale could be used for nearly 10 years. The 2 Axle Tipping Chassis Trailer could bear the bad road conditions.
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Skeleton semi trailer, also called skeletal trailers, are lightweight semitrailers usually designed for transporting containers. Skeleton Semi Trailer can be specified in a large number of size configurations, such as: 20-foot container, 40-foot container, 45-foot container, ISO intermodal container.

There are different types of skeleton semi trailer: 20 ft skeleton trailer for sale, 40ft skeleton trailer, 45ft container skeleton trailer, terminal trailer. TITAN can customize container chassis trailer dimensions and height from the ground, just need to tell us your requirements.

2 axle 40ft skeleton trailer2 axle 40ft skeleton trailer for sale

Skeleton semi trailer Specifications:

Tare Weight: About 7.1T

Dimension(mm): 12400x2500x1500mm(3 or 2 axles) 40ft/ 6200x2500x1500mm(2 axles)20ft

Loading capacity(ton): ≤60T

Axles: 3 axles, 13T/16T ,FUWA/ BPW/ TITAN Brand

Tire: 13 units, 12.00R22.5 or 315/80R22.5

Rim: 9.00-22.5 or 9.75-22.5

Suspension: Mechanical suspension or Air suspension

Spring Leaf: 90(W)mmx13(Thickness)mmx10 layers or 100mmx12mmx12 (specially intended for overseas markets)

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch (bolted or welded)

Landing Gear: JOST brand D200T or Chinese brand 28tons(double-speed)

Main Beam: Height: 500mm, Upper plate:14mm, Middle plate:8mm, Bottom plate:16mm, Material:Q345B steel

Brake Chamber: WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 spring brake chamber(TKL brand), 45L air tank

Twist Locks: 4,8,12 sets (lifting or screw type)

Valve: WABCO valve (specially intended for oversea market)

ABS: Optional

Light: LED light (specially intended for oversea market)

Voltage: 24V

Socket(Receptacle): 7-pin Socket (for 7 wire harness)

Painting: Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats

Tool Box: 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m (The tool box contains 1 tire spanner, 1 gudgeon sleeve and 1 cranking bar. Its size can be tailored to suit your needs) 

Shipping Terms: Transported by the bulk carrier in an RORO or 40ft container

skeleton semi trailer drawing3 axle 40ft skeleton semi trailer drawing

Skeleton trailer Advantages:

1. TITAN Vehicle adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the skeleton semi trailer, it can make the flatbed trailer have a higher loading capacity and a longer service life.

2.The 40ft skeleton trailer has multiple transport functions and can load containers of different feet, with a loading capacity between 40 tons and 60 tons.

3. TITAN Skeleton trailer uses factory-made, wear-resistant tires. On highways, Skeleton semi trailer tires can reach more than 300,000 kilometers.

4. Skeleton semi trailer is one kind which is specifically worked in terminal port for load and lifting containers precisely and quickly by welded the guide block, bottom block and indicated bar.

5. The transport 40ft skeleton trailer for sale are specially designed, and their special functions help to easily load containers and maximize the efficiency of terminal operations.



Edson Achaca from Mozambique - 2021-11-05T17:11:49+0800
I came to comment as soon as I received the skeleton semi trailer, and it hasn't started normal use, but the skeleton semi trailer itself is still amazing. I look forward to the future use.
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