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Windmill Blade Transport Trailer

TITAN wind blade trailer 4 axle 50m is mainly designed for carrying the wind blades on the road. The obvious advantage is the stability of this wind blade trailer, becaus of using high strength steel material.
TITAN wind blade adapter trailer mainly used to transport 140 blades (transportable blade specifications(Type 115 - 56.5 meters, Type 121 - 59.5 meters, Type 138 - 67.8 meters, Type 140 - 68.6 meters, 156 Type-76m)
TITAN Vehicle can provide you with customized windmill blade trailer for carrying windmill blades, the length, number of axles, colors, etc. can be customized for you to meet customer needs.
The TITAN wind turbine trailer can transport wind blades up to 80m on ordinary roads. Wind turbine trailer working platform can be 3 times longer and more with the help of telescopic beams.
The wind turbine blade trailer is mainly used to transport wind blades, which can be up to 80m long. The main purpose of the TITAN wind turbine blade trailer is to ensure the safe transportation of 80-meter-long blades to the wind power station.
The main task of the wind energy trailers for sale is to transport windmill components of various sizes, such as wind blades, wind tower sections, etc. At the same time, it can also be used for long-distance large and ultra-long cargo transportation
The advantage of this windmill wing transport trailer its high-strength HG 60 steel, which ensures that the windmill wing transport trailer will not deform easily. The TITAN windmill wing transport trailer is mainly used to transport 30 meters to 35 meter wind tower.
The main purpose of the TITAN windmill trailer for windmill transportation is to transport windmill components, such as blades, wind tower sections and turbines, etc. Windmill trailer for windmill transportation can also be used for the transportation of over-length cargo
Transporting large, non-disassembleable cargo is the primary purpose of the TITAN windmill blade trandport trailer. Such large goods are generally windmill parts such as wind blades, wind towers, etc.
The TITAN wind turbine transport trailer is mainly designed for transport of wind turbine blades or other heavy loads. When transporting, adjust the wind turbine transport trailer body to maintain the stability of the transported cargo and keep it level when driving uphill, downhill, or incline.
This wind turbine tower transport trailer mainly consists of 2 parts, including the blade adapter and the semi trailer. This wind turbine tower transport trailer can transport very large storage tanks with a diameter of more than 5 meters.
TITAN mainly provides customers with wind tower trailers for sale, the weight of these wind towers is generally 100-200 tons.
The main task of the designed TITAN tower blade trailers for sale is to transport wind towers and other heavy loads, and its carrying capacity can reach 200 tons
TITAN extendable trailer for sale can be expanded to 62m, the extendable trailer for sale main purpose is for transporting wind blades on the road, which can be 90 tons.
TITAN extendable flatbed trailer for sale has a simple design, easy to use and operate manually or remotely. Loading and unloading cargo becomes safe and easy.
The TITAN extendable low bed trailer adopts a rear steering trailer, and the rear wheel of the 10 axle extandable low bed trailer has an independent steering system, which can make the trailer steering more flexible.
TITAN extendable semi trailer for sale mainly uesd for transportation of wind blade on the road, the extendable semi trailer for sale will make the proccess of the transportation more easier.
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